Drupal 6 Release Party Today

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2007-02-15 17:00 - 21:00 US/Pacific
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User group meeting

We apologize for the completely last minute notice. But it's Friday night, and you know you were going to play with Drupal 6 over the weekend, so bring your laptop, and we can all have a drink and celebrate all things great about Drupal 6. The drinks will be free, it's convenient to get to, and hey, it's on the weekend, and it's not on valentine's day. 4 out 5 ain't bad.

Located in downtown San Francisco conveniently located between BART and Caltrain means it's easy to get a bullet from Gilroy and San Jose to SF, or Richmond, BayPoint, Freemont, Berkeley, or Pleasanton via Bart.

The party will be located at The new offices of parisoma


We will try to get a chipin page up shortly to help pay for drinks and some food.

Looking forward to seeing people there.



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I'm coming, I'll pitch in for drinks and food. EDIT: Upcoming link, too -- http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/429198

Can't make it

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But if a chip-in goes up, I'll buy some folks some drinks. And of course I'll be playing with D6 all weekend! GREAT work! to everyone who made this release happen, its amazing!

I'll try to make it.

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I'll try to make it.

SF Bay Area

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