Enable a module before drush updatedb runs.. via that module

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in mymodule.drush.inc

* Implementation of drush_hook_pre_updatedb().
function drush_mymodule_pre_updatedb() {
  if (!
module_exists('mymodule')) {


The takeaway is that Drush

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The takeaway is that Drush calls the drush_hook_pre_updatedb() (and possibly other Drush hooks?) of disabled modules, which these modules can take advantage of to enable themselves.

I chatted with hefox about this on IRC. I personally am leaning toward this being a bug (or "unintended feature") in Drush, but hefox thinks it makes sense in terms of creating Drush-only modules…

This recently changed in

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This recently changed in Drush HEAD. If your command does a BOOTSTRAP_FULL, only enabled modules can participate in drush_invoke() hooks like pre_updatedb. If the command bootstraps to a couple levels lower, drush commandfiles are indeed eligible to hook in. See http://drupal.org/node/861822#comment-3319040 and later comments.

In Drush 3, you are correct that commandfiles in disabled modules are in play for hooks for all drush commands.

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