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Hey folks - I just released a new drupal site for di Stefano Landscaping. It is not a terribly complex site, but I needed the ability for the owner to be able to add content, and post news, specials, etc. di Stefano Landscaping is actually located in Vermont, but I am in Tempe and was hoping for some feedback from local Drupalers.

There are still a few updates I will make in the future, particularly integrating Views and CCK once they have official releases for 6.x. I took of advantage of the built in jQuery support and integrated Gian Carlo Mingati's slideViewer 1.1

I would appreciate if you could take a look and let me know what you think, and whether you notice any bugs.

Thanks in advance!


Initial comment

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I checked in both IE7 and FF2.0.0.12, and the image on the Home page appears for a split second and then disappears.

Other than that, I noticed no display problems. Very nice looking.


Thanks for the quick reply

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Thanks for taking a look at that for me. I suspect it's a CSS z-value issue. I just updated the CSS, unfortunately I don't have access to either of those browsers here at my day job.

I noticed the same bug with

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I noticed the same bug with the main image as splashcd noted above. Otherwise very nice site, I really like the slide-show integration. Good job!

Love the slide viewer

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I really like that slide viewer integration. Did you write a custom module for that? If so, is it something you could share?

Not a module... but could be.

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No - I did not write a module, but I suppopse it could be. Since the slide viewer is shown on every page of certain content types, I just integrated it into the template files.

I have never written a module before, but I will look into the feasability of it.

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