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Open Publish - Fatal Error Adding Topic Hub Condition. Can you help me?

I installed Open Pushish http://openpublishapp.com and I'm testing this Drupal Tailored Distro.

I tried to create my first Topic Hub, but when I add Condition 1 (Topic -> Business -> Condition 1) and after I save I get a Blank Page with this error message:

Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /home/~/openpublish/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/export.inc on line 905

I don't know what is wrong.

I installed openpublish in shared hosting by webfaction.com
All work properly but Topic Hubs have this problem.

I installed openpublish 2.3 build 441.

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44 Marvelous Drupal Sites

44 Marvelous Sites Powerd by Drupal


In my past experience I found nearly every client wanted a CMS would ask for Joomla or Mambo but now a days completely different view, use and demand of Drupal is increasing tremendously. The obvious reasons are the availability of end number of ready modules and robustness. It looks the power of Drupal 7 is going to capture the new market.

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dublincycling.ie uses Drupal

The new drupal based website for the Dublin Cycling Campaign has just been launched.

All feedback is very welcome and if you happen to be interested, the next open meeting is 7pm, Monday 14th September, 2009 in the Smock Alley Café, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. They'll also be sharing a stand with a number of cycling groups at the Electric Picnic in the Global Green area if anyone is passing.

Huge thanks to Stella who answered a considerable number of questions when development was beginning and to the drupal community at large.

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Drupal-based Online Museum Launches

Just launchced and developed in Drupal, the Global Museum on Communism is an online museum dedicated to documenting the legacy of global communism.


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Community site for Indian Mothers

Please look at my new site http://www.ohmybaby.in
It is a Social Networking site and dedicated to Indian Mothers.
Main module is OG


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Welcome! List of Drupal showcase directories, lists

Hi all,

Welcome to this group dedicated to promotion of sites built on Drupal.

Here are some of the Drupal showcase directories (not belonging to*drupal.org sites) I have found on web. Not many, but enough for begining. You are welcome to complement this list.


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Single resource for Drupal Group related sites

Is there a page wiki or otherwise that lists all of the external websites dedicated to Drupal groups. It would be nearly identical to

but for all external sites, for example L.A Drupal (http://ladrupal.org)?

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DrupalNorthCarolina.org - The Un-Association for NC Drupal Users and Drupal-Curious


Hi everyone,

Much thanks to Julia (http://www.juliakm.com/) and Ben Sharma for starting what I think will be a GREAT MeetUp group in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area (http://drupal.meetup.com/19/).

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New site: www.clanstug.com.ar

Hello, my name is Leandro, I'm from argentina, i just wanted to show a site that i developed with drupal: www.clanstug.com.ar, it's for a clan of gamers of the game "call of duty: united ofensive". There are still some details to finish, but basically it's completed. I'm quite happy with this site because it's the "cleanest" drupal site i've done. I've recently began undertanting module developments and advance theming tecniques so i applied all those new skills to the site. I managed to get a cross-browsing design and it came up quite nice.

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Non-Profit Drupal Sites List?

I was wondering if anyone on here new of a site that maintains a pretty current list of non-profits that use Drupal as their content management system by any chance, particularly higher profile groups and that sort of thing... like showcase sites of the non-profit world...?

-=- christopher

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