og2list developers

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This working group is for the development of the og2list module.

It is our goal to enable other members of the drupal community to get og2list up and running, and working for them.

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Does mail2web replace og2list?

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og2list test and demo instances @ postcarbon. Please help test, it's easy now!!!

After promising this for a long time I have finally got three new instances of Drupal/og2list ready for public consumption.

http://og2list.postcarbon.org is the Post Carbon version demo site. There are a couple of demo og2list groups there, and I made some posts showing off some of the cooler functionality of the PCI private version.

http://og2list-b4.postcarbon.org will always run the current CVS head version.

http://og2list-after.postcarbon.org is CVS HEAD plus whtaever patch(es) are being currently tested.

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Let's get some movement towards testing and RTBC patches and a 5.x release!

Hey everybody!

I thought it was long past time to make the first post. I've just backported a new bug fix regarding node revisions, and I took the time to go back and look at some of the newer issues.

There are quite a few patches to HEAD that need more testing from people in this group so that we can mark them as RTBC and get them committed.

Once those outstanding bug fixes are there, then I think we have a more than stable enough version of og2list that we could make a 5.x-1.0 release of it at last.

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og2list developers

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