Rounded Corners

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This is a working group for rounded corners. One of the primary functions is to serve up-to-date/wiki documentation.

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IE problem


thanks for this module. It is a great idea but it still falls short when it comes to full functionality across all browsers.

IE rounds the corners on one of my divs but completely hides the border on the other - I don't understand why.

Please have a look at in Firefox and Internet explorer. The body has a border style of 1px solid #999 which is visible and successfully rounded in FF but the module just eradicates it in IE.

Please help.

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Redundant group?

The rounded_corners is a tiny module, it should not have a group of its own. I thought this might be a place to discuss rounded corners in general, but this has not happened till now.

I think this group should be removed for the public good. Any Objections?

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Look great !

Any plans for D6?

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Rounded Corners wiki


Installation instructions for rounded_corners

  1. Download rounded_corners from
    and extract the contents into your modules folder.
  2. [5.x only] Download jquery.corner.js from
    and place it inside your rounded_corners folder.
  3. [5.x only] Check administer > Site Configuration > Rounded corners to see if jquery.corner.js
    is correctly installed.
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