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Welcome to the New local group of Côte d'Ivoire

Hello Drupalian brothers of Africa.

Let us rejoice with our Ivorian brothers who reaffirms their willingness to promote Drupal!

Congratulations to the new local group of Ivory Coast.


And especially my encouragement for this newly born Group.

All the African community is available to assist you in this learning.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time by mail, phone, vibe, ...

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Formiranje grupe Nis (Srbija)

Pozdrav svima,

U toku je formiranje lokalne grupe "Nis (Srbija)". Ukoliko ima zainteresovanih Drupal korisnika u Nisu ili okolini, molio bih Vas da se prijavite na gore dati link.

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Grande actividade Galega

Os nossos vizinhos galegos estão em grande actividade. Num só dia surge o anúncio de 2 eventos dinamizadores da comunidade na região espanhola.

O primeiro é já este sábado em A Corunha, onde terão início encontros mensais de troca de conhecimentos e experiências em Drupal, Arduino, Android e Videojogos. Um mix explosivo e bem apelativo.
Mais informações em http://groups.drupal.org/node/153249.

O segundo, uma noite Drupal (& GNU/Linux) "hands-on" cujo objectivo é:

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Come chat with group members in our local IRC channel

Hi Montana Drupalistas!

IRC is a venerable Internet protocol for real-time text-based communications. Essentially, chatrooms. Ages before Skype, AIM, etc people were using IRC to chat about thousands of topics, and IRC remains very popular today, especially among geeks.

I have created an IRC channel for the use of our local Montana Programmers group, and I think we should use it for Drupal Montana as well. We can help each other with questions/answers, say hi, and alleviate the isolation of working alone for us home-office folks. It's like a virtual water cooler.

If you already know how to use IRC, just join the #mtprogrammers channel on the Freenode network (irc.freenode.net).

If you need help getting started with IRC, I've provided complete instructions here:

If you need any help, just let me know! Hope to see you in the channel…

P.S. The global Drupal community makes heavy use of IRC to stay connected. The Drupal IRC channels are a great way to ask/answer questions, coordinate with Drupal friends in far-flung locales, etc: http://drupal.org/irc

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Drupal local groups and events in Asia-Pacific

Two wiki pages, with lists of Asia-Pacific local groups, events, and related resources:

Drupal local groups directory: Asia-Pacific
Drupal events in Asia-Pacific

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