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Wanted to reference this here in case people didn't see it. We've got module able to go straight from polymer templates to display modes to field UI to rendered output. This completely by-passes the traditional tpl / template file workflow and allows front-end to dictate design to backend (instead of in Drupal where it's usually a mish-mash of both). It's also by-reference so updating your templates sees them updated in Drupal.

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What strategies are "decoupled" drupal developers using for SEO?

I'm working on a new project using the yeoman backbone generator and drupal as a json data service. If anyone can share any SEO-specificy insights, alternative strategies, or any other gotchas they've encountered, it would be greatly appreciated.

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drupal_goto() is evil: how to handle?

I am dealing with the password reset form and the one time login link and getting a CORS error since drupal is trying to redirect on the server. I can usually handle form redirects but drupal_goto is a problem. How do you handle it in a headless environment with an HTML client on a different server?

I wonder if this group should maintain a current drupal with an empty drupal_goto function?

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