drupal 8 release party

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Drupal 8 Wallpaper Pack

Hey Drupalistas,

As a thank you to those of you who attended our Drupal 8 release party last month, and to the awesome members of our CO Drupal community, we created these Drupal 8 wallpaper packs! There are desktop and mobile sizes, so you can celebrate Drupal 8 on whatever devices you use! Download them here:


Please feel free to download and share, and happy Drupaling!

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Planning Drupal 8 Release Party in India

The day is soon upon us! Drupal 8 is scheduled to be released on Nov 19, 2015, which is a major milestone not just for the Drupal world, but the PHP world, open source world, and web technologies in general. Drupal 8 is a testament to how open source communities can achieve the best of all worlds through massive collaboration and still leverage modern industry standards and practices.

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