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Drupal 8 Wallpaper Pack

Hey Drupalistas,

As a thank you to those of you who attended our Drupal 8 release party last month, and to the awesome members of our CO Drupal community, we created these Drupal 8 wallpaper packs! There are desktop and mobile sizes, so you can celebrate Drupal 8 on whatever devices you use! Download them here:


Please feel free to download and share, and happy Drupaling!

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Drupal Dojo wallpaper

Hello everyone,

In my pastime, sometimes I jump into inkscape, and this time I decided to do something for the Dojo.

Since it has helped me so much in the past and the group is working hard to get it back in full force, (mind you, joshk already did an awesome lesson in November), I decided to do something hoping to inspire this process, and well, hopefully be of some use also in promoting the group.

If you are using another resolution, do drop a comment, and I will provide it, no problem =)

If anyone has suggestions, (I didn't include the url, because I like my wallpapers clean, for example), go ahead and fire away, we could make a different version, no problem =)

Hope you like it!

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shiny 3d drupal wallpaper

I modeled the druplicon in Blender.
Here are some first shiny renders:

Only local images are allowed. Only local images are allowed.

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Drupal Ninja Gurl

The female counterpart of the Drupal Ninja.
I know it's too pink and too "girl-ly" (I guess I'm not good at women's taste :p) ... the sakura is the inspiration for this one.

1280x800 | 150dpi

Kudos to Brenda Boggs.

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Drupal Zen Wallpaper

Here's a Zen-inspired wallpaper:

in 1280x800 | 150dpi. Hai!

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Drupal Ninja for you


モデストNinja パレードの祭典では、私はDojo のすべてのDrupal Ninjas のための特別な壁紙をここに作成した。
(translates to: "In celebration of the Modesto Ninja Parade, I have created a special wallpaper for all Drupal Ninjas here in the Dojo.")
Only local images are allowed.

1280x800 | 150dpi のこの特別な壁のペーパーを楽しみなさい。より多くのインフォメーションのために、このリンクを訪問しなさい。

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Drupal Holiday Season Wallpapers

Only local images are allowed.1Only local images are allowed.2Only local images are allowed.3<img src="http://projects2.apc.edu.ph/~mncaballero/drupal53/files/images/marc.robinsone@gmail.com__DrupalXmas2007brownsta

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Wallpaper: Drupal in Shades

Hello all.

Here's my attempt to make a Drupal wallpaper.
I can't find any wallpaper resource so I tried to make my own.

  • Background A:
    Only local images are allowed.

  • Background B:

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