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Drupal 7 Module Developer (Jquery / GD) | Canvas Press

Employment type: 

Skills Needed:

  • Have written a working Drupal 7 Module.
  • Have integrated advanced Jquery image manipulation functions within
    Drupal 7.
  • Have integrated PHP GD and Image Functions within Drupal 7.

Specific Task:

Create a Drupal 7 Module to:
- Upload non-logged-in & logged-in user's image w/ progress bar.
- Store original image on server.
- - Create downsized system image and thumbnail on server
- Client side custom Jquery image crop, zoom, rotate, flip, add text,
{+} of downsized image.
- - While allowing user to select different:
- - - Product types, sizes, options

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Sweater Module

It happens to the best of us. Winter comes on. The days get shorter, the temperatures start to drop. We all go home at night, put a log in the fireplace, and warm up in our heavy coats and blankets. But what about the less fortunate among us? What about the ones who can't just put on a coat and call it a day? What about... our Drupal sites?

Sweater module was designed to remedy just this problem. Using state-of-the-art sweater processing technology (and a generous donation from the Sweaters 4 Drupal Foundation), we venture to make sweaters available for all of your site's theme regions.

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