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DrupalCon Code of Conduct (Revised Draft)

Update November 28. 2016 - The finalized version of the DrupalCon Code of Conduct can be found in a template version at: https://www.drupal.org/node/2512690

Update July 6, 2012 - Final draft version submitted to the Drupal Association: http://groups.drupal.org/node/235308#comment-781048

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Create DrupalCon Code of Conduct (Old Draft)

The code of conduct draft has been re-written based on community feedback and is available for community review here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/235308 - we ask that you please offer your comments, questions, and suggestions on that page. Comments have been closed on this page.

The following is the proposed DrupalCon Code of Conduct that has been drafted by a group that includes past DrupalCon organizers, Drupal Association staff and board members, and other community volunteers.

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Hur ska vi uppföra oss i vår community?

Moshe Weitzman skapade nyligen en ny grupp här på g.d.o. Gruppens syfte är att ta fram en "Code of conduct" - ett dokument om hur man bör uppföra sig i vår community. En sorts "coding standard" fast för hur vår community ska fungera och fortleva. Grunden är tagen direkt ifrån Ubuntu Code of Conduct som har fungerat med framgång.

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Adopt a Drupal Code of Conduct (#DCOC)

As our community grows, it is imperative that we preserve the what got us here. Namely, we keep Drupal a fun, welcoming, challenging, and fair place to play. IMO, we need to proactively state our shared ideals with respect to conduct. Think of this as coding standards for people :)

Our friends at Ubuntu have blazed a brilliant trail in this area. They use our CMS, and I propose that we use their Code of Conduct.

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