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Drupal Camp Chennai 2017

Hello everybody!

Logged in back to drupal after a long hibernation. Surprised to see the history that its 9 years and 2 months ever since I logged into drupal.org for the first time.

Seeing the recent happenings, DrupalCamp Mumbai and Drupalcamp Hydrabad How about Drupalcamp Chennai as we have 540 members and legends here like Shyamala, Vijay, Sivaji and more...

Inviting all your suggestions and ideas... It could be great if we can make it.

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Dubai Drupal Meetup November

First Drupal meetup for the month for November, more details on


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Drupal Meetup Dubai November

First meetup: November 14, 2014 (Friday)
Location: To be discussed with other participants.

Please Register at following link

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Drupal Goodness Ashland Meetup

The Drupal community is growing in many ways, and Southern Oregon has many more thriving Drupal websites than it did since our last meetup. Respond to this post if you are ready to share some Drupal Goodness in Ashland.

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Chattanooga Drupal User Group Meetup Thurs 18th April 2013

This months topic - Beginners Up To Speed.

Since we have a bunch of new guys, lets run though installing, and setting up Drupal.
We will walk you through essential modules to use on every site, and resources to help you.

This will be a round table Q&A helping you get up to speed. All the members can contribute to help the new guys.
Bring a laptop, leave with a Drupal site....

Some topics we'll cover :-

Drupal install fest
Content Types
Omega and Responsive web sites

Have a Drupal/web problem then come ask.

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Past Beijing Drupal Meetup presentation files and updates :)

Hi Beijing Drupallers or Drupalistas :)

Here are presentation files for exploring more info and links and resources from past meetups.

October presentation by me(HappyJiyoung) on DrupalCon Munich experience

PDF version:

Powerpoint version:

MP3 audio

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Minutes of Delhi Drupal meetup(20 Oct 2012)

Minutes of the meetup:

1 Attendee, waited for like 1 hour but nobody showed up. :(
Couldn't get in touch with Andrew sir(finding JNU Library Canteen was a nightmare in itself). So nothing got done this time.

Abhinav was sick. That's why he couldn't attend.

Let's hope, more people will come next time :)

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  9月22日的在线交流会已经结束,整个交流会历时约2个半小时,参会人员在70人左右,不过因为错过了最佳的截图时间,只截到一张同时在线65人的图 :D

Only local images are allowed.

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  昨天的 Drupal 交流会 在 Zinch 公司召开,由上海 Wiredcraft 公司的技术总监王浩宇(Makara Wang)和我进行主讲。聚会从下午2点开始,一直持续到下午7点左右。

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