Drupal Camp Chennai 2017

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Hello everybody!

Logged in back to drupal after a long hibernation. Surprised to see the history that its 9 years and 2 months ever since I logged into drupal.org for the first time.

Seeing the recent happenings, DrupalCamp Mumbai and Drupalcamp Hydrabad How about Drupalcamp Chennai as we have 540 members and legends here like Shyamala, Vijay, Sivaji and more...

Inviting all your suggestions and ideas... It could be great if we can make it.


+1 for DrupalCamp Chennai.

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+1 for DrupalCamp Chennai. Nice thoughts. If you are planning to organize a drupal camp this will help in organizing in dates https://groups.drupal.org/node/516219#comment-1153189