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Worker Cooperative School - Edvisions

I filmed a talk by EdVisions Cooperative, a worker cooperative, democratic school system with 60 schools...

its indirectly related, lots of similar ideas about democratic schools, worker-cooperatives, student led, project based etc

ps: funded by the Gates Foundation, so something must be up

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Wireframe of Front Page of Drupal Guilds (Authenticated)

Front Page of Drupal Guilds (Logged-in User)

Suggestions please!

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Transcript of the Drupal Guilds Presentation

Here is an idealized transcript of the recent Drupal Dojo session I did regarding the proposed Drupal Guilds, which you can watch here if you didn't catch it earlier:

Also, here are the slides I used during the presentation, which the headers generally refer to, if you want to follow along the text:

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