Drupal 6 vs. Drupal 7

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First impressions on Drupal 7

I have not downloaded yet Drupal 7. Will give it a try.
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Nothing too impressive, the same as D6 or D5
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I like previous version (D6 or D5) better.
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Impressed. I like the new architecture.
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Amazing. I think it's better. Will definitely use it in the nearest future.
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Should AJAX be depreciated in favor of a AHAH module?

I read some discussion (maybe find them back later) about that AJAX is replaced by AHAH and CTools in D7.

As I'm constructing a module rich site, it will take me at least a year to change to D7 when all those modules have been upgraded.

But I prefer to work with the new technology for D6, not the old one. Will AJAX be modernized for D6 to be fully AHAH?

Or would it be better to start a AHAH project and move all functionality of AJAX over to that project for D6, as well as for D7?

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