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några frågor... typsnitt, block...


Jag håller på med min hemsida. Har gjort den med artisteer.

Har några små problem
För det första med typsnitt, teckensnitt, storlek på text osv... går det att ändra det i drupal när jag skriver? Går det att skriva punktlistor, ja helt enkelt om det finns någon form av ordbehandling?

Sedan skulle jag vilja lägga endast block av text på några sidor och inte ha något innehåll i form av "page" eller "story". Men när jag ska göra det så går det inte att ha en meny till sidan...

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Need Help :-)

Hi all, I'm new to Drupal and this group. I wanted to use Drupal to keep
track of my research. (Drupal has such a steep learning curve!) I posted my
originally question in the general forum and was pointed here.

I've just installed biblio. I'm wondering how I can list all the entries
grouped by categories. It seems taxonomy_dhtml almost does the job. But it
doesn't show the content of the biblio until I click into it.

Besides, what other modules would you recommend? I'm thinking of using
Project Mgmt or TaskList to keep track of ideas and todo items. Any other

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Armory Arts Community Site

One of the biggest things happening in Jackson is the new Armory Arts Village. I have been there a few times and went on all the tours and this thing has potential to be something great. The are currently working on a technology department with help from Adobe and Microsoft, so hopefully they will have a strong focus on the intersection of technology and art.

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