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Crear un descuento específico por cada producto segun rol

Buenas tardes.

Estoy trabajando con commerce, la idea es que cuando el administrador de la tienda agregue un producto, establezca un precio para el rol "usuario", y otro para el rol "distribuidor", de esta manera podría hacer descuentos específicos por productos a los distribuidores.

He estado mirando con rules, y he pensado que lo ideal sería meter un campo en el producto, donde se pueda meter un número, que luego con rules se reste.

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Cómo aplicar descuentos a ciertos roles con commerce?

Como dice el título, conocen cómo aplicar descuentos a ciertos roles con commerce?

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Contractor | Incredible Marketing

Employment type: 

this job is no longer available

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Drupal Commerce Order Number

Does anyone know if you can set the staring order number in Drupal Commerce. Instead of starting with 01. I would like to start with 1001.
Thanks for you suggestions.

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Problemas con el cambio de contraseñas de usuarios registrados

Saludos para la comunidad,
Tengo un problema con el proceso de cambio de contraseñas por parte de usuarios ya registrados en una tienda virtual.
Utilizo Drupal Commerce, y cuando un usuario inicia una compra como anonimo, en el proceso de compra se le solicita la dirección de correo, a la cúal, posteriomente se el envia un correo con las instrucciones de Login.
Cuando este comprador accede al sitio mediante el enlace para un único inicio de sesión, se le pide que modifique su contraseña.

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Besoin de faire développer un petit module

J'aurais besoin de faire développer un petit module pour relier une boutique en ligne Commerce au site eSelect plus de Moneris. Je sais qu'il existe déjà un module Moneris pour enregistrer les paiements "on site".
Je cherche plutôt un module off-site (Hosted Payment Page), mon client ne disposant pas de certificat de sécurité.
Merci d'avance de me contacter rapidement
Robert Leroux

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Drupal Developer | MJD Interactive

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Would you like to work at the beach in San Diego? We’re looking for a driven, intelligent, curious, plain-old-good-person that’s fun to work with and hits deadlines to join MJD Interactive Agency in our Pacific Beach office, located a few blocks from the ocean on bustling Garnet Avenue.

Your experience should include:

Working knowledge of Drupal Contrib modules such as Views, Context, Webform, i18n, Apache Solr Integration, and Features
Strong understanding of MySQL, PHP, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript
Object Oriented Programming experience
Attention to detail

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Contract Developer | National Lutheran Choir

Employment type: 

National Lutheran Choir is soliciting proposals from website designers and businesses that can provide an upgraded Drupal website in the short-term (60 days) but have the capacity and history of developing long-term partnerships with their customers.

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Add commerce to existing D7 site for player registration

hi everyone! i have just been tasked to add commerce capabilities to an existing D7 site. i need to add the capability for parents to pay online for their children's little league registrations. has anyone done anything similar and does anyone have any recommendations.

basically the requirements include:

  • i need the parents to be able to register on to many children (i can limit the number to 5 or 6 since no one has that many if it makes it easier)
  • the player registration costs drop $20 for each child (i.e. 1st child $140, 2nd $120, 3rd $100 and so forth)
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Taxonomy inheritance from Product to Product Display

Googled this a bit but unclear if a resolution has been identified yet...

Product has taxonomy (call it Brand).
Product Display uses Product Reference field to display Product details. Here the Taxonomy Term (Brand) is visible.
When viewing the Brand Term Taxonomy Page no content is identified as tagged by that term.

** Is it possible to for Product Displays to inherit terms from Products? **

I see the hierarchy as this:

         --View, etc --
    --- Prod Dis ---
---- Product Def ----

----- Taxonomy Term -----

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