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DrupalGamesComp2011 Status

So today is/was the deadline for entries to http://drupalgamescomp.com -- largely due to a major event in my life (see http://aaronwinborn.com/blogs/aaron/drupal-commuity if you don't already know about it), I've neglected a number of pursuits, including this. However, even though I have done nothing to promote the comp in a few months, there are still some enterprising folks among you who have created some games, or at least stated an intent to.

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DrupalGamesComp2011 Open for Entries!

As planned, #DrupalGamesComp2011 is now open for entries! You don't need to have completed a game yet, this is mainly just for intent to submit. Just create a user account and submit your entry now!

Note that entries will remain private until August 23, 2011, when judging will begin. You'll be able to view and edit your entries (or delete them) any time before then.

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Drupal Games Comp Game Node Page Layout

And the game node page. Comments please!

Game node page

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Drupal Games Comp Overview Page Layout

Here's a quick wireframe for a view of games, once that's entered. Feedback please!

Games overview page

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