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Chat + Media Player!!!

So had a brainstorm, and I'll volunteer to get this rolling, as I'm working on both modules.

As the chatroom api is developed, I'd like to tap into it for the Drupal Media Player. That would open up live chats in the player, ala ustream, but tied to the Drupal user db.

Just putting that out there. This is brainstorm fodder for the future, and I probably won't have time to work on that idea (which will be after both are mature) until later this winter.

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Media Player with Dynamic Logo!

Made some progress last night with the Drupal Media Player that I blogged about recently. Dynamic logos!

You have to go to my blog to see the action.

This was created with an hour of tweaking the OpenLaszlo XML, and then pasting the following into this node: print theme('media_player_player', 'http://spindowners.com/files.dm/videos/20051210-w50s.flv', array('logo' => '/sites/aaronwinborn.com/files/my-logo.png');

Couldn't be simpler! I see a dev release as soon as we have an icon for the play button!

Of course, playlists and the like will take more. We've talked about including several players, including a light-weight and one with all the bells & whistles, and have the module call the proper one according to passed parameters.

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Home-Brewed Drupal Media Player in the Works!

I just posted a sneak-peak of the upcoming Drupal Media Player!

It's still a little rough on the edges, but should be a suitable replacement for JW Flash Media Player and Wimpy when it's done (although the module will handle those as well, if someone just doesn't want the best).

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