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I started a forum post, but I'm in urgent, so, I'm seeking your help! And I'm humbly requesting you to help me please:

I'm new to Drupal. But after a long personal research, I heard or found that Drupal is best CMS in the world! I'm still in starting level in Drupal, when I see its admin panel, wow! I was amazed! I have experienced many CMSes, but no one is like it!

I planned to jump to all my sites to Drupal. Now, I want to know this:

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Drupal Drinks or meetup

Hi Finnish Drupalistas in Helsinki

I am a drupalista from Raincity Studios and will be in Helsinki for Nokia Open Lab 2008 September 10-13, 2008and also the night of the 17th and the morning of the 18th.

Anybody want to meet up for some Drupal drinks? Say on the night of the 17th?

If so let me know, roland AT or ping me on skype: rtanglao

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