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Push Drupal Data to FileMaker

1) What solutions are out there for pushing content from Drupal to FileMaker?

The only one I've found so far can be seen in detail here:

It is a year old now, and perhaps other solutions have become available. I would like to get a list of them going here.

2) Could a solution be integrated with a commerce system like Ubercart or Drupal Commerce?

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Drupal Commerce, POS i polskie drukarki fiskalne

Czy macie jakieś doświadczenie w intergracji Drupala z drukarkami fiskalnymi?

Czy ktoś z Was byłby zainteresowany współpracą przy np. rozbudowie modułu https://drupal.org/project/commerce_pos tak aby mógł działać z polskim drukarkami fiskalnymi?


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Spam blocker doesn't like my job post. Anyone interested?

We're working the next few weeks on a Commerce cart site. Just a few products, but there are quite a few customizations for the cart process that need doing like a couple different license key formats and permissions and steps in the flow.

Anyone interested?

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Drupal Website Developer | Opsview Limited

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Salary: Negotiable, subject to experience
Benefits: Health Care plan, Dental & Optical cash back Plan, Life insurance and Income Protection.

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#Now Assigned# Commerce Kickstart Theming | Freelance

Employment type: 

Thanks for the interest everyone, more than I could reply to unfortunately

I have a Commerce Kickstart site that needs re-theming ready for the new year. I managed this myself last year but this year would like something a little more professional.

The site is linked from the web site of a motor sport series and needs to look somewhat similar, you can see the old site and the shop linked here http://www.wrc.com to get an idea of the work I completed last year.

I have images of the new layout to work from, nothing too drastic I'd estimate a day's work.

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drupal commerce kickstart productos personalizables

Buenas, tengo una duda con drupal commerce kickstart. Quiero crear un producto (ensalada) al cual se le puedan añadir ingredientes. Cada ingrediente tiene un incremento en el precio. El asunto es que dicho incremento sólo se produce al elegir un numero mayor de x. Por ejemplo eliges 2 ingredientes y a partir de ahí se hace el incremento. He visto un tutorial donde con el módulo "Commerce Customizable Products" se puede hacer la lista de ingredientes y cobrar los extras, pero no sé cómo conseguir que el incremento sólo se produzca cuando el número de ingredientes sea superior a x.

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sincronizar dos bases de datos web services

llevo poco tiempo en drupal y tengo un proyecto muy desafiante para mi, desearía conocer algunas sugerencias para un desarrollo que voy a realizar.
Por un lado tengo un sistema en un servidor en local que usa Motor de Base de Datos Firebird, por otro lado quiero desarrollar un sitio de e-commerce en Drupal 7, debo sincronizar los artículos o productos hacia el sistema construido en Drupal.
tengo pensado crear un web services en Drupal de manera que reciba los datos de la otra base de datos.
me preguntaba si alguien ya soluciono algo parecido, y que pasos siguió.

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Commerce + Rules | Private Firm

Employment type: 

UPDATE (July 22) - Problem solved!!!! Many thanks to Brad Jones for the solutions & the rest of the community for reaching out to help me.

UPDATE (July 18 - Afternoon): Progress has been made, but the remaining issue still exists:

Trying to tailor this rule, however I'm not able to find the data selector which houses the coupon code that's been entered...

DEV site is: http://bi.dev3.webenabled.net , add something to the cart & checkout (use 1st item under Summer Specials), once on the cart review page there is an opportunity to add a coupon, which is what I'm trying to access.

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Commerce Module Development | Drupal Creations

Employment type: 

Drupal Creations is contracted by a private group of investors to design a custom e- commerce website. We require assistance of a Drupal commerce module development individual or group. Drupal Creations is in the process of assessing which organization will best fit our existing team. This post is for the purpose of finding that outside commerce vendor.

The process by which we will make our decision is as follows:

-We will provide one sample task for review by you or your Developers.
-We will provide details on how this task should be implemented.

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Freelance developer | Okaysuper

Employment type: 

Okaysuper is looking for a German client a talented german speaking Drupal developer.
The job consist in integrating the Secupay payment method to Drupal Commerce.

The documentation is in german so a good understanding of german is mandatory.

Please send your applications and references to jobs [at] okaysuper.com.
We will provide you more informations and the necessary documentation when needed.

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