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Drupal Hack Session

2011-02-26 14:00 - 17:00 Asia/Hong_Kong

If you've been following the HKDUG website thread ( and interested in contribution to the HKDUG website efforts please feel free to join in the fun!

Tentative schedule (feel free to comment):

  • Brainstorm ideas and get a rough roadmap in place.
  • Setup dev environments
  • Plan our next session

We will be gathering at the following address:

Gearbox Software Company and Business Centre
Rm 1205, 12/F, Max Trade Centre,
23 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, KLN

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Review of January 28 Meetup for HKDUG Newcomers

Thank you for everyone who join our January 28 Meetup for HKDUG Newcomers. We had a simple and relax gathering at home, introduce and sharing with each others (together with pizza, beer and free chat), discuss for many different Drupal 6/7 issues (Oh yes, MANY!), and also brainstorming for the needs of HKDUG newcomers. We even prolong the gathering with endless topics until 23:00. More photos can be found in here and Flickr!

Special thanks to my lovely wife Rebecca for the delicious home-made chicken wings + spaghettis :D

Some creative suggestion for our upcoming HKDUG meetup:

  • Live demo for Drupal 6/7 theme development, e.g. convert from RAW HTML/CSS design to Zen subtheme, with the help of Firebug.
  • Security of Drupal and cracking Drupal, e.g. how to protect your server and Drupal site, how to discover the attack.
  • Hong Kong Drupal developer marketing strategy, e.g. how many people are working for Drupal-specific development, the needs and requirement of Hong Kong's clients.
  • Hong Kong Drupal User Group website design/idea/suggestion, e.g. prepare topic for 2011-02-26 HKDUG website hacking section.
  • Hong Kong Drupal User Group logo competition, e.g. close for submission a week before 2011-02-24 meetup, setup polling, and announce for winner during meetup.
  • Drupalcamp-like hand on problem solving section, e.g. submit question before meetup, a special meetup on Saturday/Sunday for at least 5 hours, ad-hoc question submit in BarCamp style, hand on problem solving by volunteers.
  • ... and even more!

IMHO it should be a good starting point for our HKDUG 2011 schedule, which focus on needs of our newcomers, setup interconnection between each members, promote the usage of Drupal in Hong Kong market and so on.

Do you have any idea of the HKDUG 2011 roadmap? We need your suggestion and contribution :D

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January 28 Meetup for HKDUG Newcomers

2011-01-28 19:00 - 21:00 Asia/Hong_Kong

Thank you for all newcomers to HKDUG Drupal 7 Release Party. Would you like to have more general idea about Drupal? Don't you think the party schedule was too hurry for you to get know with other Drupal fans? Or you have more question about Drupal 7 once after install and play with it? So you shouldn't miss the following event!

We would like to provide a specific gathering target for HKDUG newcomers on 2011-01-28. Here are the meetup details so far:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Group gathering and sharing section
  • A brief introduction of Drupal and what Drupal can do for you
  • A quick compare between Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and Plone
  • Demo a personal blog setup with Drupal basic functionality
  • (UPDATE) We will meet at Lai King MTR station HSB on 18:45.
  • (UPDATE) Please take 46M or 90M Outside Yin Lai Court Shopping Centre (Exit A2 of Lai King MTR station) if you miss us.
  • (UPDATE) We can order pizza and my wife will prepare some extra food for us :D


  • Date: 2011-01-28
  • Time: 19:00 to 22:00+
  • Location: (UPDATE) Highland Park, 11 Lai Kong Street, Kwai Chung, NT (
  • Cost: FREE
  • RSVP:
  • Capacity: (UPDATE) 10~12
  • Contact: hswong3i [at] pantarei-design [dot] com, 98530636
  • Official hashtag: #hkdug
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Druapl 7 Release Party and the Hong Kong Drupal User Group

Thank you for everyone attending our Drupal 7 Release Party by Hong Kong Drupal User Group at 2011-01-07. We had around 40 attendants, which was almost 3 times of our normal HKDUG meetup! More photos can be found in here and Flickr!

The party was started with a Drupal 7 slideshow and video by Dave Hansen-Lange, and Edison Wong gave a brief review of Drupal 7 Installation (ppt, pdf), Drupal 7 core improvement quick review (ppt, pdf) and Drupal 7 3rd party modules upgrade status (ppt, pdf). We also had an active Q&A section and shared for some key question about upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7, too.

Moreover, within the Drupal 7 3rd party modules upgrade status section, Edison Wong compare both Drupal 6 and 7 functionality with a custom installation profile, which start develop since BarCamp HK 2010. This installation profile is now available for public download. Please feel free to download and comment with your idea :-)

Finally, we are scheduling for next HKDUG meetup on February 24. Hope to meet you soon!

P.S. Oooh! An additional meetup for HKDUG newcomers on January 28! Don't miss this chance and let's meet with other Hong Kong Drupal fans :-)

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HKDUG Drupal 7 Release Party

2011-01-07 19:00 - 22:00 Asia/Hong_Kong

Drupal 7 - Time to party!

Join the Hong Kong Drupal User Group for the launch of Drupal 7. And for sure, we will throw in some special D7 presentations to add to the fun!

The Hong Kong Drupal User Group are open to everyone with an interest in Drupal and are a great opportunity to learn more about what Drupal can do and what folks are building with it.

Here are the party details so far:

  • Free pizza and drinks :-)
  • Some demonstrations and presentations about Drupal 7
  • Ask A Drupal Expert booth
  • Your idea here - Suggestions welcome - Feel free to comment on this post or contact us directly!



  • PantaRei Design Limited
  • There are sponsorship opportunities still available. Email mhyiu4c [at] pantarei-design [dot] com for details.


  • Volunteers wanted, contact hswong3i [at] pantarei-design [dot] com to help.
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Any idea for a local Drupal 7 release party in Hong Kong?

As Drupal 7 will release on January 5th 2011, Drupal community is organizing world-wide local release parties on Friday, January 7th. Any idea to have our local party in Hong Kong?

Let's share the happiness together, and feel free to comment with your suggestion :D

Wiki for "how to handle images in Drupal"

For the Oct 2010 HKDUG meetup we will be talking about images. Below are the various use cases for images. Choose a use case, come up with a way to implement it, and then present your findings.



Each product (node) must have an image. The product will show up in various lists (list of products by category, featured product on front page etc.). Derivatives of the image will be shown in different types of lists (ex. 150x75 for the front page feature).





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HKDUG October Meetup

2010-10-28 19:00 - 21:00 Asia/Hong_Kong

Turner Broadcasting (Creators of have once again offered us use of their office in Quarry Bay.

You must RSVP for this event here. If security does not have your name on the list, you won't be allowed in.

Here's some possible topics for discussion, give us your feedback:

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Software Freedom Day @

I am one of organisators of Software Freedom Day in Hong Kong, also a drupaler.

Software Freedom Day will be held at BarCamp HK 2010 on 18 September 2010 in HK Polytechnic Univerisity. BarCamp organisator reserved a room for SFD. We will prepare 2-3 topics in software freedom and related topics, and then unconference with barcamp will be started, any topics related to software freedom and open source are first priority at our room. Surely drupal is one of related topics in software freedom.

Software Freedom Day -
Software Freedom Podcast (Cantonese) -
BarCamp HK 2010 -

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HKDUG June Meetup

2010-06-23 19:00 - 21:00 Asia/Hong_Kong

This month we'll be heading over to CNNGo's office at Quarry Bay. Check them out at:

Right now the schedule looks like this:

  • Brent Deverman of CNNGo to talk about CNNGo (If you don't know CNNGo uses Drupal)
  • Dave Hansen-Lange of Advomatic will speak about how to expose custom data to Views
  • Drupal Doctor's patient consultation session


Hong Kong


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