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New Drupal 8, button field formatter

Just published a new link formatter for Drupal 8.
Allows to output a link as a Bootstrap Button Link.
Basic configuration can be done on the view mode interfase.
For advance configuration twig template and preprocess are available.

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BiS -- Business in Savannah relaunches with d7, Bootstrap

We've relaunched our business news website, http://businessinsavannah.com/, on D7 with a Bootstrap-based theme built by Chris A. White. This is 100% off-the-shelf modules and the custom theme is derived from the https://www.drupal.org/project/bootstrap base theme. We kept coding to an absolute minimum. The CSS is all class-based -- what a relief!

We'll be using this framework for another site that will launch in a week or so.

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Tutoriales para crear temas desde cero

Hola grupo, alguien me puede aconsejar un tutorial para crear temas desde cero. Tengo preferencia por usar bootstrap, pero también me valdría Omega o cualquier otro tema base que me dé un sistema responsive "out of the box". Debo decir que tengo mis limitaciones a la hora de crear temas por eso precisamente pido un tutorial desde cero... Espero vuestros consejos.

Muchas gracias

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Drupal Developer | Personal

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

I am looking for a drupal developer who can theme in bootstrap.

The theme is already done but I need to change the layout based on change request.

We can start immediately. Please email me your details at vishal.khialani [at] gmail.com

I prefer freelancers and I expect you to work 8 hrs a day. I have multiple projects and I can give you work on a continuous basis.

Thank you,
Vishal Khialani

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Carousel inside Bootstrap Modal

As a sub-module of the Twitter Bootstrap Modal module just published Twitter Bootstrap Modal Carousel, that convert any image gallery into a Bootstrap Carousel of images inside a Bootstrap Modal.

Just need to add any jQuery selector into a list triggers and configure in which pages you want the functionality to load.

Basic personalization of the carousel is done on the administrative interface.

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rerooting's sandbox: Radix UI


This seems to be a great project. I think making Bootstrap components and plugins via ctools is a great approach that makes many of bootstrap goodies easily accessible as panel and panel pane styles. While made for Radix theme and Panolopy, these plugins can be used with custom panels configurations. Check it out here http://drupal.org/sandbox/rerooting/1890090.


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