Building A Library

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Challenges faced when designing for location?

Over the last year, we've worked with UCLA Library and Indiana University Library to design their Library websites. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot. yeah

One of the more challenging aspects was designing for their multiple locations. I'd love to hear from folks what challenges you've faced in designing for locations and how you solved them. I wrote a (long) blog post about the issues we faced in designing for location ... I'll summarize it all here for you.

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Creating a Library Website

Hello All

We have been planning to create an extensive online library. I have been looking around in drupal for a couple of days and came across some modules and examples. But still I am wondering if there are specific modules that should be used!

I would like to elaborate our case as follows:
We aim not only to make a catalog of books [with all its specifications, Book Title, Author, Genre, Pages, Publishing Year, Edition, Publisher, Keywords] but also completing it with biographies of authors, book reviews and discussions.

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