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Challenges faced when designing for location?

Over the last year, we've worked with UCLA Library and Indiana University Library to design their Library websites. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot. yeah

One of the more challenging aspects was designing for their multiple locations. I'd love to hear from folks what challenges you've faced in designing for locations and how you solved them. I wrote a (long) blog post about the issues we faced in designing for location ... I'll summarize it all here for you.

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CyberCourse: distro for authoring courses

CyberCourse is a Drupal distro for authoring courses. It focuses on university skills courses, like programming, writing, and math. It makes flipped, blended, assessment-driven classes practical.

Build a course with many exercises. Students write programs, write emails, find math logic errors... No multiple choice quizzes. Students get individual formative feedback from humans. Practical at scale, at low cost.

Students can fix and resubmit their work until they get it right. Supports mastery learning.

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Pseudents: your metacognitive friends


... there's a short video about pseudents (pseudo-students). They're make-believe students who go through a course with the real students. Authors can use pseudents to address metacognitive issues, show students what not to do, etc.

CyberCourse makes it easy to set up pseudents, and use them in course content.


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Are you an educator teaching Drupal at college level? Do you know an educator who'd like to teach Drupal?

I'm trying to reach educators who are teaching Drupal as subject matter at college level.

Cross-posting in a few places where it may not be directly related, but we too often focus on Drupal as an LMS, etc without attracting educators who could teach Drupal.

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DrupalCon Munich proposals for training/learning/education

Proposals close on May 11th. Please [edit] to add your proposal title, name and link if you post one about training/learning/education.

This year, there's no voting, which is really a GOOD thing! However, it would be great to built some discussion about the proposals to help the selection process. Here are sessions related to training, education or learning in the list of proposed sessions. Please leave a comment on them if you feel moved or have any questions to get clarification.

Training Your Clients with Easy to Create Video Tutorials - Rod Martin

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A Drupaly tool for writing effective online college textbooks

This page...

... describes a tool for writing online textbooks. The textbooks:

  • Embody best practices from learning science.
  • Can be written and sold by individuals and small groups, without needing a publishing company.


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Drupal and Education Open Space: Call for Participation

Education is increasingly recognised as a major and growing need for the growing Drupal community. During DrupalCons educational BoFs are very common, but we may need more structure to collaborate on the diversity of challenges for education.

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Vote for Drupal in Education and Education in Drupal Sessions at DrupalCon London 2011


I've looked through the proposed sessions at DrupalCon London 2011 and extracted some (including 2 of mine) that could be particularly relevant to people interested (in one way or another) in Drupal and education. Please give your votes to those you might be interested in.

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Session proposal for DrupalCon London

Hi all,

with the deadline for session proposals for DrupalCon London rapidly approaching, I'm thinking about putting together a session(s) proposal to talk about some ideas around Drupal and education and/or educating in Drupal. So far, I've only seen two proposals going in that direction: and

Anybody working on something, so we're not working at cross-purposes or can possibly pool our resources?

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3 BoFs on University sites, 5 BoFs about science

Drupalcon Chicago has been an interesting moment for research/science/academia stuff. I count several BoFs and there seems to be three different groups emerging. One is of course about education, but I"m hoping this will be discussed in the higher education group. A Second topic deals with the websites of universities. The third topic deals with the research itself. I"ll just quickly list the name of the BoFs.

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