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Solution for x 2 SSL's sitting on same architecture?


I was hoping someone might be able to help with an issue that I have.

Basically I want two different SSL's (as they belong to two different and independent companies) to sit on my AWS architecture but my architect is trying to tell me this is not possible, which I personally can't quite believe.

The current system has been working perfectly for around 6 months using the x 1 SSL cert, but now I want to use a 2nd SSL cert this is where the problem has raised its head.

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Redirecting IE9 compatibly with nginx when behind a load balancer

I'm having a nightmarish problem getting IE 9 to redirect from http to https. I've looked at a discussion from about a year ago (http://groups.drupal.org/node/206813), but in that case, nginx is in complete control.

In my case, I'm in AWS, and https is actually getting handled by an elastic load balancer (ELB), which is proxying over to nginx over port 80, and setting http_x_forwarded_proto:


#x_forwarded_proto stuff for elb/https issues - see http://daniel.hahler.de/handle-x-forwarded-proto-in-backend-nginx
set $my_https "off";

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