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Pages crawled by recacher are not cached

I am trying to us recacher / httprl to load expired/purged pages into the nginx micro cache.
So far all expired pages are crawled by git requests as can be seen in nginx and apache logs.
As soon as I hit a recached page in the browser, it is completely reloaded from apache and not from the cache.

I too use wget to pre fill the cache by spidering the site. Those wget requests are cached in the micro cache and a browser gets a page from the cache.

Up to now I couldn't identify a big difference between the httprl and wget requests - they are both get requests, no-proxy used… .

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Perusio D6 config and ngx_cache_purge and CloudFlare question


I installed Nginx with ngx_cache_purge module. I want to use it with this module:

Somebody know where I need put:

proxy_cache_path   /tmp/cache   keys_zone=tmpcache:10m;

location / {
proxy_cache     tmpcache;
  proxy_cache_key     $uri$is_args$args;
proxy_cache_purge   PURGE from;

I found proxy_cache_path in fastcgi_microcache_zone.conf - /var/cache/nginx/microcache.

And about CloudFlare.

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Formas de contacto y nginx

Drupaleros. Tengo un problema y necesito un poco de guía. Hace unos meses moví varios sitios con drupal de apache-php a nginx-php Todo bastante bien, pero tengo un detalle que no termino de ajustar, hacer que funcionen correctamente las formas de contacto, al principio nginx me mandaba un error 403, después estuve cambiando algunos valores en la configuración de php para darle más tiempo, el problema esta en que ahora si manda por correo, pero tarda muchisimo, minutos enteros en mandar la forma.

Los parámetros que cambie en php es el clásico


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DevOps / Linux Administrator | Userly Ltd

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Hi Guys and Girls,

We are looking to hire a full time DevOps/Linux specialist into our company based in Haywards Heath (UK). We are a boutique agency working with other funded startups in various industry sectors. We predominantly build Drupal back end CMS solutions with accompanying Native iOS and Android applications.

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New Content Type doesn't display on Add Content List

Hi all,

I recently moved a site from a web hosting company which uses apache servers to one which uses nginx servers.

However i have heard numerous issues with this new environment ranging from my modules failing to update, media gallery malfunction and now i have created a new content type and when i check in the add content list from Home » Administration. I can't see it.

I'd like to request for your insights on how to have the content type display in the add content list

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Nginx for Drupal using Ansible


I'm planning to configure Nginx to serve a Drupal site. The server uses Ansible for provisioning, and I'm planning to use perusio's config. The logical way to do it would be to create a role based on perusio's config.

Has anyone been working on something similar?

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Adding Piwik to Apps folder - merging Perusio configs correctly

I'm trying to make use of Perusio's Piwik config alongside his Drupal config. I've copied the Piwik config files to /etc/nginx/apps/piwik/ and created a .conf file using the subdomain suggested ( This has the include to /apps/piwik.conf in it, as per the example conf file provided.

Do I need to add a DNS record/'officially' create a subdomain to run Piwik from that URL? If possible, I'd rather use an structure, but that's proving tricky.

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Remote logging with nginx and php-fpm

I'm looking once again into how best to monitor a large Drupal 7 app I've deployed on AWS, using nginx and PHP-FPM (5.3.21 currently). The app uses autoscaling, and the instances often don't live very long (a day is a long time). So I need some kind of logging solution that will get my logs off the instances and into some kind of centralized store.

What are people doing for this use case?

I've noticed that more than a year after I last looked into this, PHP-FPM appears to have not committed a patch to support

error_log = syslog
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Getting Started with Nginx & Drupal

Getting Started with Nginx & Drupal 7

So you want to use Nginx with Drupal. And you have no idea how to get started. Hopefully this’ll help.

Our lofty goal is to get Perusio’s Nginx config up and running. Hopefully in the process we'll understand more about how nginx works and how we can debug things.

Unfortunately I don’t understand all of it, so there’s going to be a few understanding holes here and there, but we’ll still be able to get it running.

There are plenty other ways to set-up Nginx, PHP and Drupal, this is just how I’ve done it.

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Drupal SA on uncontrolled PHP execution

There's the Drupal core security advisory just released that talks about the uncontrolled PHP execution. here's some remarks.

  1. If you're using the config available on the Nginx wiki you're vulnerable.

    That config has a catch all location location ~ \.php$ {...} for handling
    PHP script execution.

  2. If you're using any of the configs recommended on the [Nginx group] ( you're safe.

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