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Drupal Web UI developer | Ramp Technology Group

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Title: Drupal Web UI developer
Duration: long-term
Work location: Seattle, WA

Tech skill-sets are:

  1. Expert Web Developer, Skilled in Interactive Front-End Development
    - HTML5
    - jQuery, jQueryMobile
    - CSS3
    - Responsive Design
    - Working Knowledge of Plugins & Design Resources
  2. Strong working knowledge of PHP for server-side development
  3. At least three years of in-depth hands-on Drupal (ideally ver 6 or 7) experience. Have completed more than a few custom themes and modules.
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PHP common utilities [Part 1]

I've taken on the task of automating some lengthy report generation processes here. The reports were to be e-mailed to the requestee in a spreadsheet format, and the heavy number-crunching was done from data retrieved from an mssql database. Along the way, the ubiquity of LDAP came in to play as well.

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Drupal 6 migration to Drupal 7

Upgrades. Everyone has to do them from time to time. Whether the upgrade is triggered by a dying support cycle, security flaws, architectural improvements, or even just a desire to be on the bleeding edge, migrating a large amount of content can be a hassle.

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Thunder Bay Drupal Group Online!

I feel Thunder Bay has reached a critical mass of Drupal interest. Various establishments and individuals in town are using it, and others would like to if only they had a community of support nearby. If any of this describes you, I recommend creating an account here and tuning in.

This is a good chance to share tips, tricks, organize events, and facilitate general knowledge-sharing. Everyone wins!

If we have enough interest, I'd help organize bi-weekly or monthly drupal meetups around town allowing the crowd to meet face-to-face.

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