This group is for people who are looking to build dating or match making related sites. If you are developing dating related sites, please post the links here. Any case studies, success stories will be appreciated.

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Particular Dating Site

Hi to everyone,
I've a question.

I have to create a Dating Site with these features:
- Men register their Profiles with all characteristics (Age, Eyes' Color, Hair's Color..)
- Women register on Site but they don't have to insert any information about them
- Women can insert an announcement that is visible only by men that correspond to the searched filters.

John registers himself with these characteristics:
- Age 18
- Eyes' Color: Blue
- Hair's Color: Brown

Marc registers himself with these characteristics:
- Age 22
- Eyes' Color: Blue
- Hair's Color: Brown

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Starting to build a dating site

Hi guys;

I have a question about building dating web site with drupal.
I'd like to start building and for some futures I need charge users. so should I user drupalcommerce version or not ? maybe my question is very basic question for you. I am not a professional programmer or web developer and just it has been around a month I started to do web developing, and this is my first project :
I really appreciate your help.

best regards;

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gloscon's picture - Drupal 6 Dating site team has built a Drupal dating site

For matching, we have used user_relationships, popups, pvt msg, associated_nodes, ahah_response,cck_facets, faceted_search, fsrange, content_taxonomy, nodegallery to name a few.

We also built our custom 1) hotornot and 2) matrimonial modules.

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Building a social travelling network website


First of all, I'm Dutch, so excuse me for when I make some grammar mistakes ;)

I started to built a social travelling network website. It'll be a meeting point for city travellers who are searching for a local who can guide them in the city they want to visit.

For now, I'm searching for modules that can match users by interest. I prefer to work with the latest version of Drupal ( 7 ), but Drupal 6 is also an option.

Who can help me? Thanks in advance!

  • Elvi
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anybody home?

just wondering if anyone continues to have success using drupal as a dating site platform. i would like to set up a dating site in drupal.

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Building a new dating website

In reply of: I wanted to state that i just found and joined this group and am planning on getting a awesome drupal dating website out in the web.

Found a couple of topics on forums and the web about dating websites build upon drupal but 98% returned a 404, so no inspiration from there.

Must say that the dating website I'm building a.t.m. is quite different than what people are used to so we'll have to wait and see if people are interested in this kind of dating process.

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Drupal Mobile UX Designer | ARG Holdings

Employment type: 

I'm building out a mobile dating site and would like some help converting our mockups into an actual Drupal 6 theme using HTML5 (if possible). If you're interested/available, please send links to any mobile Drupal sites you've worked on to me at rajesh [at] argholdings [dot] com.


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Two new recent launches for dating sites built on Drupal

Here are two additional drupal dating sites. One is a Lesbian Dating site and the other is serious dating site. These dating sites are in active use today.

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Is Drupal a good framework choice for a dating site?

Hi Group,

I'm about to start developing a dating site, just need some basic functionalities and it seems like it's pretty straightforward to design it with Drupal. Just wanted to hear about your experiences designing such site and had some questions. I just heard about Drupal a few days ago and installed it and now loading up some modules in it.

1) How's the performance of Drupal under heavy load? I read some article online that when caching is enabled performance increases up to three times.

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Open Source Dating Script - osDate

Here is a Open Source PHP Dating script.

On their website they say this:
Now you may earn $100 by contributing your plugins for distribution on this website. Find out how!

I'm not a strong coder, but I'm sure someone in this group could probably handle the challenge
of creating the Drupal plug in. They are offering $100 for your efforts. I and the Drupal community
would be extremely grateful.

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Showcase Dating site - contributions and ideea are highly appreciated
A list of modules is attached to this post.
I have some difficulties with Views and Panel Panes when trying to have a detailed profile for users (avatar, etc) (following the book Ultimate Community Site Guide) but I am optimist.
Are there anybody experimenting with Views, Panels, panes who could guide me?
The book seems to not be updated, or some modules have been changed since the book (second edition - last one) was released.

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I am also looking for a dating plugin

I am running the website and now i want to start a dating member site. Today i was testing some plugins for joomla and drupal, but til now i did not find exactly what i need.

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A Serious Dating Site built using Drupal

I recently launched a serious dating site called Since I had dependency on a lot of the modules which were not released in Drupal 6 at the time when I had started it, this is still a Drupal 5 site.

Dating Niche and Features

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Is this group dead?

I'm wondering if this group is dead. There has not been any activity for quite a while.

Is anyone out there making Drupal 6 dating / personals / matchmaking solutions?

If so, what is your module recipe.

Interested minds want to know.

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My Drupal dating site

Im brand new to the dating group here. So hello!
Ive decide to develop a dating site with drupal.
Amazingly enough, it was easier than I had imagined. I used the theme alek_2.0 with little to no changes (though some are in thought). I certainly hope this is the correct area to post this info!
-What I would like to see is reviews, and maybe some members/testers just to check it out and maybe get tips on how to... or recommend tips on how to I could improve.
Heres some of the modules that I used (there are more, but these are the most beneficial):::


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Volunteer Venture | Warply Designed

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time


I have a website that has been created using Drupal 5. The site was created to basically test the market over the last two years. Now that I know there is demand for this type of social network/dating site I would like to take this site to the next level. Currently the site is on the first page on google, yahoo, and msn's search engines. In the last 5 months without spending a penny on marketing or advertising there has been over 18,878 visitors. (Based on adsense stats).

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Creating simple search features on dating site

Hello. I am very interested in starting a very simple niche dating site similar to plentyoffish. Drupal seems amazing, and ive already read through the other discussions listing good modules for a dating site for profiles and some other things. However, I was wondering if there is a module that could be used to easily create a "dating site search" such as "I am a male__seeiking a ___female within _10miles__of __zip code".

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matchmaking module

My planning for the upcomming year is to develop a matchmaking modul for drupal. I intend to have a community website, build on the existing modules from drupal.

I already tried some ready made modules, open- or closed source. There are some nice and proper solutions, but the opensource solutions seem a bit scary to me. The code was not really clear and problems may come up easily. The paid solutions appear fine too me, but very restrictive. Multilanguage will be supported like english, spanisch, french, german.

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My Developing Online Dating Website

The demo website is at I encourage you all to sign up and help me test and develop features.

I'm still in the early stages, but here's what modules I'm using. I'll update the list as I add them:

  • CCK - This is kind of obvious. You have to be able to use so many features that Content Construction Kit has. Start here.
  • Advanced Profile Kit - Very useful module. It requires some work to set up, but once done, it will display a user's profile page so beautifully. You also have to include the following modules to set up AdvProfile properly:
    • Panels 2
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