Drupal Front End for Offline ERP Software

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We strive to use and promote Drupal as Front End Platform for data presentation of offline ERP Software. Cloud based ERP Software are very costly and compare to that offline ERP Applications developed in Microsoft Database Technologies such as MS Access or SQL Server are very popular and less costly. Our aim is to create a bridge between the offline data and Drupal so that Drupal acts as a efficient Data Presentation layer.

We can use feeds module to import data from csv files exported from ERP Software at regular intervals or on cron runs. A Seperate module can be also written to import. Some online content type data can also be exported in csv format via views export module and can then be imported in offline ERP Systems.

We are Drupal Developers from India and have successfully executed 2 projects with this approach. One was a manufacturing ERP for which we created a Sales Portal in Drupal importing some ERP Data and in another case, we developed a CRM Application in Drupal and exported its Data to feed offline invoicing and Inventory System.

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