Drupal for Internet Existence

The group is meant to you to look into Drupal based existence for your own need with simple usage technology for common man.

You don't need to programmer or developer, common Internet knowledge is enough.

You are invited to join and use my Drupal based websites for long lasting Internet Existence, It is for you, I owe it to you and to Drupal, Linux and similar open source software. Not to forget the US based hosting and Domain registrars. Rest in my posts...

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10+ year old Hindi and English Drupal website ChhattisgarhNews.info helped Amita Sharma develop Webmedia

Some 12 years back she thought to be a Webmedia, an online journalist for local and global audience. Intention was to post tons of videos, texts and pictures. Just note technology was hard to reach, costly for common man and woman living in India.

The target was simple a person in last line of society wanted to use Internet to become media like press and tv with free and freely available technology, whose income was around USD 200 / INR 10K monthly.

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