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This site serves the Drupal community by providing a place for groups to organize, plan and work on projects. Real world local user groups (sometimes called meetups) and regional Drupalcamps in particular are encouraged to setup their online presence here.

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Drupal Camp Seattle Agenda

June 28 & 29, 2006
Location: Richard Hugo House

Drupal-Camp Seattle is an opportunity to learn about the Free and Open Source Drupal Content Management System ( This community driven event will focus on the PHP Theme Engine theming system, theme-able functions, Drupal 4.7 modules, module development and CiviCRM.

Who Should Attend:

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Drupal and mobile phones

What Drupal sites target mobile devices and what are the programming issues involved? Do we have any documentation covering how to create Drupal sites for mobile devices? Who owns a mobile device and uses it for surfing the web? It is all new to me and I'd really appreciate some overview of where things stand. Finally, from a money perspective, does it pay to offer a mobile version of your site?

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Drupal Training in Melbourne.

I was at the first Melbourne Meetup a few weeks back, where the topic of Drupal Training in Melbourne was briefly discussed. The general consensus is that it would be a "Good Idea".

I'm now wanting to follow up the idea with anybody else at all interested.

I see a role for End-User Training, as is being discussed elsewhere How do you train your Drupal end users?, as well as Developer Training.

Some discussion of Sydney training is going on: See here. I've had a little correspondence with Peter who is running the Sydney training.

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Hello world


We've been quietly working on an exciting initiative for Drupal fans everywhere. Today we are launching a new web site - This site is for geographic groups like Vancouver and working groups like Views developers. The site provides each group with their own mini-site, where subscribers can post messages and collect replies.

Logging in

You are welcome to login using your username and password. Remember to append to the username. Note that your email address will not be copied over, so you'll want to edit your profile after you login.


There are three useful tracker pages offered by the site (there is only 1 tab if you are not logged in). You may also collect links for RSS feeds from each tracker page. Alternatively, each group offers an email subscription feature. With this, you get all nodes and comments posted to the group via email. A helpful reply link is in each email.

Creating groups

We welcome everyone to create groups on the site. Please adhere to the guidelines posted on the creation page.


This site showcases some pretty neat technology like Organic groups, signup.module, Casetracker, Views, Localization, and more. Read more.


The site has a simple ticketing system for reporting issues. We hope to soon provide each group with its own ticketing area. We also have a feedback form -


This site is just leaving alpha stage and entering beta. I don't anticipate a long beta like those wimpy apps Flickr and Gmail. When we leave beta, I will announce this site on home page and in newsletters, etc. Meanwhile, feel free to blog about the site and use it heartily. It is most definitely live.

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Project module in desperate need of reviewers and testers!

I've been doing a lot of bug fixing in the project module. Soon, I'll be adding a lot of new features, too. Unfortunately, very few people are willing/able to review my patches. However, since the project module is so central to, Dries doesn't want me to just commit larger patches without reviews and feedback from other developers (which is smart). So, this is a plea for you to look at:

A number of annoying bugs on's project module have already been solved, but the patches can't be commited until other people look at them. This is a very visible aspect of Drupal, and if it's buggy, people will think Drupal isn't mature enough for their needs. Please, help make's issue tracking a first-class system.

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Brazilian Portuguese language added

This language lacks the .po file for the organic groups module, which is a very much used module here. Thus, you will not be able to see the groups pages in that language until we have a translation for this module.

Do you speak Brazilian Portuguese? you can help us to fully support this language within this site. Use the .pot file (follow the link you will find in the sticky post of this group to get it) to create a new translation.

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Need volunteer to moderate groups submissions

I'm looking for a few volunteers to look at new groups as they are created and approve them when they meet these conditions:

  • have readable names, descriptions, etc.
  • are not overlapping too much with existing groups
  • are properly categorized (working group vs. geographical group vs. ?)

These guidelines will be further developed over time. If you are interested, please reply here or send me an email. This will be a big gift to our community, and your name will be mentioned on the forthcoming About page.

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Site status update

The site is coming along. We just enhanced the Recent Posts tab so that shows you unread messages in your subscribed groups. Thats just purrfect.

Note that creation of new groups is limited to just a few beta testers. We are not ready to open up group creation just yet. When we do, groups will be subject to some minimal approval. We don't want duplicates and want to keep tidy our group names, descriptions, etc.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with this site. When I proposed the site last fall, I had no idea the demand would be this great. We're plugging away at the final todo items

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Need volunteer to oversee locales

I'm half way though an enhancement to organic groups module where a group admin can pick a group locale. I need a volunteer who will figure out what languages are in good enough shape to install on this site. This person should also field requests for new languages, and update existing languages as their translations mature.

I'm pretty excited that we'll finally have a showcase site for Drupal's localization features. Also, Mozilla Group specifically asked for this feature for one of their sites and i just love paying them back.

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Coming soon

This site will become a glorious hub of worldwide drupal user groups

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