How do you train your Drupal end users?

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G'day Drupalicons

We need to deliver training to our community of Drupal users. (And I expect many of you need to do the same). There's a good collection of how-to's on the website, but I was really looking for a training guide or material to support instructor led training which would cover the basic web author and then a more advanced website editor type level (or basic web master types with little HTML knowledge).

Want to exclude all the technical web developer type topics/activities, such as installation, Database/SQL, theming and PHP coding etc.

Does anyone have or know of suitable training resources for a Drupal end user? Maybe this could be a contributed project, if these end-user orientated resources do not already exist?

FYI: I know of these training resources, but they appear to be pitched at the web developer (more technical) level:

All comments appreciated :)


Lullabot podcasts

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The Lullabot podcasts are a great and accessible resource for all your [non-hearing-impaired :-p] end users. Some of the early ones cover the basic of Drupal, from an end-user perspective, and would make a great little bonus item to deliver to your customers. Their videocasts are even better: they are specific walk-you-through tutorials about performing end-user activities in Drupal.

Jeremy Epstein - GreenAsh

Jeremy Epstein - GreenAsh

Lullabot is excellent

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But not really appropriate for my target audience, which are non-IT literates :)

Agileware, Australian Drupal Developers

Also interested - and in sharing

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CompuMentor is interested in providing some trainings to (nonprofit) end-users that are involved in projects we run. So we are also very interested in either a) developing a curriculum out of what already exists (, Lullabot, as well as relevant stuff from the Primer wiki), or, depending on the timing, b) test-running a curriculum, and feedbacking / expanding the it.

I'll provide more info to this list as we work our way towards our training (i.e. shape, budget, ideas, etc).

(Did I just say feedbacking?)

Working on some

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Yes, we're facing more or less the same problem. I've been working on an online course (based in Moodle) but it's slow going and there've been an awful lot of other things taking priority lately, unfortunately.
It doesn't at this point look like we'll have anything to show off before July or so.

Steve Hanson
Cruiskeen Consulting LLC -

Steve Hanson
Cruiskeen Consulting LLC -


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Since posting this question, doing some more searching around and gaining more customers we've bitten the bullet and started writing our own end user training guide. It's pretty basic right now and currently in a Wiki.

I'll post a link to the Wiki and some more information when it's ready for public review. Shouldn't be too long.

And still very interested in hearing what other people are doing to train their end users.


Agileware, Australian Drupal Developers

Sounds Good

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That sounds good, there are many different audiences and its good if we can share the information, but a lot of us will have to do our own leg work as the audience may differ.


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