Host Drupal GTD events

Host a Global Training Day event

Help grow the community you love. Teach Drupal basics about the software and the community. You'll share your knowledge, showcase what your company has to offer, and help grow and strengthen your local group and the greater community while sharing how you've contributed to the project...all while actively giving back to Drupal!

What you need to do

Events are organized by many different groups and companies. The format of DrupalGTD events vary based on trainer expertise and in many cases the composition of the audience. Some events run as hands-on workshops, while others are lectures or presentations. How you offer a Drupal GTD event is up to your organizing team. Attendees should leave with an understanding of what Drupal is and how to get started with the software, the community, and

Ready to get started?

  1. Create a registration page on your site for the event.
  2. Create an event on this site and select Training as the event type. In the Groups / Audience section, select both Global Training Days and your local group.
  3. Finally, add your event to the DrupalGTD list.

Useful materials

Our tools for event organizers will get your started. More are being developed and we'll update this page when the new tools are ready.

Need some help?

Find the DrupalGTD Working Group on Twitter @DrupalGTD and on Drupal Slack #global-training-days channel.

Contact one of the DrupalGTD Working Group members. Who we are and some of the ways we can help:
dinarcon (organizing Drupal site-building workshops)
rgs (marketing your event)
pendashteh (growing your group of organizers)
rachit_gupta (cooperating with universities)
paych (preparing your speakers and growing attendance)
solomonkitumba (making Drupal roadshows for universities)
lizzjoy (finding resources and information on

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Host Drupal GTD events

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