How to get a 100/100 on PageSpeed Insights by using the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module

Most sites when using the current 7.x-2.31+ version of AdvAgg can achieve a perfect 100/100 score on Directions on how to achieve it for a fresh of install of AdvAgg below.

Be sure to check the site after every section to make sure the change didn't mess up your site. The changes under AdvAgg Modifier are usually the most problematic but they offer the biggest improvements.

Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation

Go to admin/config/development/performance/advagg

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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 - Performance sessions

Hi High Performance,

I totally forgot to inform you that there are some pretty cool performance related sessions at DrupalCon Amsterdam:

  • Please join use tomorrow at 10:45 in Room Emerald for "Render Caching in Drupal 7 and 8"

We will show the state of render_cache 7.x-1.0, which is used to render cache comments on

Then we will show how render caching works in Drupal 8 with #cache tags, etc.

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Running Drupal as daemon service


PHP Frameworks are becoming more and more complex, specially now that almost all of them are fully object oriented. In serious applications huge amount of code needs to be interpreted and loaded into the memory for every request, it's a needles waste of huge amount of resources.
But what if we could serve requests not by using traditional request/response method but by using sockets and asynchronous calls?

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Comparison of shared files directory solutions

If you want to have multiple webservers for a Drupal site you need to keep your code and files directory in sync across all the webservers.

  • For synchronizing the code solutions like capistrano, drush deploy, fabric, phing are all good solutions. Sharing the code using a network file system doesn't usually perform well because the files are re-read (or at least stat'd) during page load which is slow.
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Building a Drupal 7 Optimized my.conf File

This is an attempt to hard code some of the many best practices that are brought up in various posts scattered on the internet. Please feel free to edit, particularly adding to the documentation of the configuration. My assumptions are we're working with at least 8GB of RAM, 2*Dual Core CPUs, 64bit operating system, EXT3 file system & Debian.


The MySQL database server configuration file.


You can copy this to one of:

- "/etc/mysql/my.cnf" to set global options,

- "~/.my.cnf" to set user-specific options.

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"Golden Neckbeard" competition


  • System under test
    • Take a copy of a big camp website (BADCamp, Atlanta) sanitize it and have it in a distributable form.
    • Alternatively: Distro {Commons, COD, …} with devel generate (or a SQL dump scenario)
  • Basic Chef config to build a LAMP stack...
  • Competition Rules
    • Teams and/or Individual entries?
    • Tests - partner with an established testing/perf company?
      • Basic performance based metrics (ab, curl, ...)
      • Basic PHPUnit tests (exercise site functionality)
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New home for 'Large sites and scalability of size' group

As of September 10th 2012, the "Drupal Groups team" has deleted our "Large sites and scalability of size", accompanied with the note Note: "Such a group already exists. Join the discussion in".

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Comparison of HTTP Client Libraries

Coming from this issue on d.o: Evaluate third party libraries to replace drupal_http_request() and the browser in DrupalWebTestCase

Definitions listed in order of importance (top is important).
Parallel Requests: Project uses curl_multi_select(), stream_select(), or socket_select() when issuing multiple requests.

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