Discuss IRC and the creation of IRC bots using bot.module.

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For me, using IRC is…

Easy! I can help others if they need it
57% (8 votes)
Easy! But I don't have time right now to help others
0% (0 votes)
It's hard! I need some help
7% (1 vote)
It's neither hard not easy
7% (1 vote)
I'm not sure, I've never used it
21% (3 votes)
Other, I'll leave a comment below
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 14
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learning drupal

Hi all,

I am Arman, I want to start Drupal from the scratch. Please all concern users help me in this regard.



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Bot related modules

Module name Description Usage DLs D7 rel. D6 rel.
bot main modules: auth, seen, factoids, etc. 193 6027 2011-Jan 2010-Dec
bot_url responds with the title of any URL mentioned 4 62 2012-Jun
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Discapacitados en la Comunidad y el Deporte

Estamos en Construcción, rogamos que nos disculpen


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Programatically displaying a specific node in Panels

I want to display a specific node in panel layout at specific position

Problem Statement:

I have a nodequeue created with two nodes and I have simple two column panel layout.

Now, I want to display first position node in left part and second position node in right part.

and this should happen implicitly on SAVE button click for nodequeue.

How do I do this?
Please ... I need help here.

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New IRC channel: #drupal-facebook

I just created a new IRC channel on freenode called #drupal-facebook, which I hope will become an active place for discussion of best practices on integrating Drupal and Facebook.

There are quite a few modules in this space, so getting started can be confusing. I hope that having a place to talk online in real-time will make this less of a problem. Discussion of the Facebook API itself will be on-topic, as well.

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Servers/channels using bot module

We could shortlist a few and mention them on bot module's project page. In a way attract non-drupal-aware IRC channel admins looking to add some twist to their chats. And how easy it is to setup and customize(plain php).

It's even surprising for drupal-aware developers to see an "IRC bot" as a drupal module! Thanks Morbus! :)


Here's one I host:
Nick: nikkar
Channels: ##gsoc-india, #punjabi, #hackers-india, etc.

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