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Drupal 8 social network integration rewritten (thanks Google)

Drupal 8 social network integration and functionality is being rewritten and harmonised thanks to Google grant. Expect more unified social network user interaction and config management.

Tomorrow's (Wednesday's) Drupal Social API call (Hangout On Air) 3pm CEST 27 July 2016. Join at
We'll post exact invite code just before 3pm CEST. Be ready for it – headsets recommended.

To be included in future weekly calls follow
and join

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Need website help

Hi, I am very new to Drupal. I recently had my site built in Drupal 7. I have a block set up so everytime I post to FaceBook it shows up automatically in that block.
I'm wondering if there is something that I can add to the Blog page so each time I post a blog it will automatically show up on my FaceBook page? Any help would be appreciated.

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・Facebook OAuthというモジュールを使うと


・ホーム ≫ 管理 ≫ 環境設定 ≫ ユーザー ≫ アカウントの設定




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Posting GSoC to Drupal's Official Social Media Accounts

GSoC 2014 application requests our official social media pages. To be honest, it took me several minutes to track them down. Maybe I missed it, but I could not easily find links to the official Drupal twitter, facebook, g+. On another note, who manages these social media accounts and how do we setup a post about GSoC2014?

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Registration Modules (ie Logintoboggan)

Once again it seems there's a whole slue of ways to go about something in drupal. I came across this tutorial http://www.pasadamedia.com/news/drupal-7-user-login-and-registration and thought I would get your opinions on this topic, if possible. I've used LoginToboggan before, which this tutorial doesn't go into. In fact, that tutorial uses quite a few modules, including Facebook OAuth, which I'm interested in, plus some spam deterrents. Is the method and set of modules used in this tutorial "good practice" and "current thinking"?

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Social Media Expert | UN Habitat

Employment type: 

Knowledge management support would like to hire a consultant with the major responsibility of using social media, to increase usage and engagement of UN-Habitat’s knowledge platforms , and to support the agency’s resource mobilization efforts


  1. Develop a social media strategy to increase visibility, membership and traffic across the agency’s knowledge platforms, particularly the Urban Gateway and action plan to guide its implementation.
  2. Guide implementation of priority areas of the strategy relating to:
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Facebook Ads API module?


Some colleagues and I are beginning work on a module to create and manage ads via the Facebook Ads API. I understand that the demand for this module might be small (not everyone advertises on facebook, and facebook requires approval before you get access to the API) but I'm hopeful that anyone else interested in this might benefit from building it and maintaining it together.

We're still very early in the process, but are trying to architect it in a way that our site-specific features are abstracted away from whatever we make for Drupal.org.

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Grupo en Facebook


En vista que existen poco lugares donde poder intercambiar conocimientos cree este Grupo es Facebook

Drupal Venezuela


agregence para aumentar y difundir nuestra comunidad venezolana

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Samla från Facebook

Jag har drupal 6.
Jag undrar om det finns något sätt att få informationen från en Facebook grupp samlad på min Drupal site,att den infon försöver på något sätt.

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Facebook Likebox is now Patterns Ready!

Hello everyone!,

We are very happy to announce that as part of the work carried on during the Coding Meeting in Fribourg (Switzerland), the contributed module FB Likebox (http://drupal.org/project/fb_likebox/) is now patterns ready! (version 7.x-1.4).
We have created a submodule called 'fb_likebox_patterns" that includes a set of the most common configurations (http://drupal.org/node/1285218).
A child page explaining how to use fb_likebox with patterns has also been added at: http://drupal.org/node/1691030

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