Washington, DC Drupal Meetup, April 14th

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2008-04-14 19:00 - 21:00 GMT
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User group meeting

This coming Monday on April 14th we'll hold the next Washington, DC Drupal Meetup at James Hoban's on Dupont Circle.

Last month we had a great conversation here about how we can make these meetups most productive for everyone. A few of us have put our heads together and came up with the idea of having two meetups a month with different focuses.

  • Drupal Meetups - These will take place in a bar and center mostly on networking and connecting people. We'll have the standard lightening talks but will be focused on discussing real world solutions to user problems and Drupal news. We want to keep these talks accessible for Drupal users and people exploring Drupal, so detailed tech talk can happen one on one after the talks.

  • Drupal Labs - This is your change to dig into the meat of code, show off the latest module you wrote, and pose questions to a technical audience for some hands on help. The lab is tailored to people with Drupal experience, or who want to dive right in and learn.

We hope that by better targeting the events like this, people will be able to really get the most out of them. This is very much a work in progress so please post your suggestions, comments, and feedback so we can fine tune these.

Back to the meetup... We'll be getting together on Monday, April 14 at James Hoban's (new Irish bar) on Dupont Circle at 7:00 pm.

We'll kick off the meetup with a round of 5-minute lightening talks focusing on real world solutions that have been built with Drupal. We all know Drupal does amazing things, so let's look at some of the tailored tools we've built to help our clients out. Here's what we've got lined up so far:

  • Connecting a geographically dispersed microfinance network with an online portal

  • Publishing content in right to left languages like Arabic and Hebrew

  • Demo of the online community MothersClick and their new community API / Facebook-esque features (to be confirmed)

Have something show off? Post it in the comments. Dan from 1 Well will also be there to talk about how he's helping (and how you can too) to build wells in communities that need them.

James Hoban's at the back bar
1 Dupont Circle, Washington DC
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Wireless connection available!

Hope to see you on Monday!



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I'll be in town, fresh off my Sunday presentation on Drupal and open source at Nexpo, the newspaper industry trade show. It's a 15-minute talk that I could do on why open source matters to newspapers.



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Hi Ken,
That's great you'll be able to make it. I've got you down to talk about how newspapers are using open source and Drupal and how it's meeting their needs. And I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in an update on the Knight Drupal Initiative and SoC.

See you Monday!



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Assuming I can get my suburban ass into the city, I'd love to make this one. Ken, I look forward to seeing you again!

Lullabot loves you

Learn Drupal online at Drupalize.me


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Is there any point to talking up Summer of Code or the Knight Drupal Initiative?



@add1sun, you're not allowed to have the death flu this time.


re: Knight Drupal initiative

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Hi Ken,
Hope to stop by on Monday.
Can you tell us more about the Knight Drupal initiative?
We are in the process of redesigning our site in Drupal.
We are looking to see how we can get funding to add different
Drupal modules to our site.
Would this be the kind of thing that can be considered
for this initiative?


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If those modules are:

a) New, and will be released to other organizations like yours.
b) You are building a site template (a Drupal install profile) that others could use.

See http://groups.drupal.org/knight-drupal-initiative


Great idea to target the

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Great idea to target the gatherings. I hope to make this meetup for sure.

Any word on when the first lab session will be scheduled?

Also, is there a rss feed to find out just when meetups and gatherings are being held? I need a better way to keep up with this group.



Hope to see you on Monday.

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Hope to see you on Monday. The next Drupal Lab is coming up soon - probably the last week in April. Mike is working to nail down the details now and will be posting a date soon.

Ah, last minute...

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Didn't see this event until today. Drats!

I'm coming:

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it would be nice to have this appear on calendars auto-magically :-)

let's get these ical feeds working!

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It was great to see the ical feeds returned to the groups here, but they're not very helpful if events aren't getting added to them. Can anyone help out here?


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There seems to be a problem in g.d.o.

Looking at the iCal feed I can see two previous events ('Drupal Baltimore launch' and 'Higher Education Web Symposium') but not this DC meetup.

Where's the right place to report this?

Celebration of Tax?

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Just got back from Post-Office and realized that, so we are meeting on the day before Tax-day, what's the (hidden) message here?

Personall, I am for a relief-party, that's for sure!!!


Maybe it's the time!

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Great meetup last night!

I was checking the ical feed. The ones that show up are both listed with the correct time zone. I am not sure, but lets try and use the correct time zone for the lab session on April 30th and see if it shows up properly.

Just my two cents ...