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Hello, i would like to know if its possible to hide/protect a section of content from anonymous and new registered users using captcha, i do not know if I explaining myself well, so i will leave you with the following image:


I think you want to use permissions to control acces.

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From what you're saying, you should create a separate content type... or use taxonomy..... then in "permissions"... you can control access to the content.... so if you wanted to NOT allow anonymous users access... you could do that.... and if you only wanted users of a certain type to have access... then you could select that. And the Anonymous, or even newly registered users wouldn't be able to access it. But in order to handle it properly you're going to have to create a third user role.... so you have
2)Registered - New
3)Registered - Old.... or whatever you want to name them

Captcha is designed to keep bots from logging into your web site, and then creating things like comments all over the place that are advertisements for someone else's crap. Like Ginsu knives.... or wanker enlargement pills....LOL.

Captcha is only designed to block these automated log ins... it is not designed to hide/show certain content to certain user types.

i fully understand you, thank

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i fully understand you, thank you for your time.

I'm looking for the same

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I'm looking for the same solution. I'd like to show email address on contact page only after captcha is passed.

What's a solution for it?


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