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Real Time filelds update in a node

Any good hint or tutorial to refresh fields on node if an admin updated it ? I think it is possible with nodejs but no idea where to start, sucessfully installed nodejs on a debian machine with drupal etc.. but no idea for the rest of steps.
Thanks in advance.

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how to count multiple comment field's value

I added three comment field FA and FB and FC .
they are term field now. maybe i will change it to text field.

I need do this:
when 3 different user comment value in FA FB FC are same .
user A: FA is "good", FB is "33", FC is "posted".
user B: FA is "good", FB is "33", FC is "posted".
user C: FA is "good", FB is "33", FC is "posted".
(if user comment multiple time, base on his lastest comment value)
do something (close the comment,send message, etc .. )

can rules do this? or how to do this with PHP code?

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¿Como harían un nodo de este estilo?

Estaba viendo el otro día este articulo

es un estilo de artículos que tiene algún tiempo que en periódicos y revistas en linea de USA. Digamos cada vez integrando más medios en una sola pagina de un solo tema.

El que pongo de liga es de una publicación de México.

¿Como se les ocurre que se pudiera armar en un solo nodo una estructura así?

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How to implements View's relationships on a custom field?

Hi guys, I've created a simple custom field (via field api) that should "emulate" references, but allow to define the "reference" type (using a Taxonomy Term).

Basically, I have an entity_type (Company, created with eck module) that use my field to store employees, and the taxonomy term give me the employee type (commercial, owner, secretary, etc...)

I cant put taxonomy term directly in the user, becose a user can be an employee of two different companies.

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Importing facebook events into nodes

Hey everybody

I was wondering why there's still no proper module on Drupal which offers an easy import / aggregation function for facebook events. Other CMS's have similar extensions already, but Drupal still misses this one.

My knowledge about fql and opengraph API is rather limited but with this topic, I'm just trying to throw this idea in the community and see if anyone's already working on something similar.

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Virtual Field Collection

A brief summary of the idea:

Data within entities that do not need to be processed individually within a view (or better: are not required to be addressed individually in any case) should be stored in a single database table, rather than being spread over N tables like they would if stored by the Field API "the usual way", in order to reduce the number of (sub)queries or subsequent queries and hereby reduce the load on the site's database.

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Field embedding input filter

It allows you to embed node fields (images, videos, files and any others) right in the node body using a simple inline tag: [fieldname:items|position].



  • fieldname — machine name of a field
  • items (optional) — index of item (or range of items)
  • position (optional) — 'default', 'center', 'left' or 'right'

All following constructions are supported:

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    Drupal Developer - Customer Success | Product Company Bangalore Location _ Busness FUndamental

    Employment type: 
    Full time


    The Drupal Developer within the Customer Success team is responsible for working with large to medium enterprise corporations to build, customize and maintain a corporate CMS portal. This is beyond the average drupal developer role: we are looking for someone who has what it takes to understand and implement Drupal systems that are cloud based and interact with the rest of the platform via REST API calls.

    The Drupal Developer position will ensure the success of our customers by:
    - Building rich, interactive websites using the CMS Drupal platform

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    Field analytics

    Check out for another way of analyzing on data for not only Drupal nodes, but any fieldable entity type.

    As a class-based field reporting API, Field analytics makes it easy to add additional reports per field type.

    There is a submodule for Highcharts included (tying with the new 7.x-2.x Highcharts API), which adds charts visualization to the default tabular reports. This submodule is a good example of how to extend Field analytics with additional reporting on field usage and data.

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    multiple fields from one node in views & views slideshow D7

    So I hope someone can help me out here.
    I have a view slideshow block, set to display fields all from one node.

    One of the fields is a multi-value image file field with a max of 4, and one is a media field with media:youtube and media:Vimeo limited to 1.

    My problem is getting those fields to display as separate slides.
    The images are fine, but the media field will display on every slide as well rather than as a separate slide.

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it working as I want to.

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