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Schema y Microdata: ¿Cómo agregar campo content= e itemid= en archivo .tpl.php?


Estoy añadiendo a mano Schema y Microdata a mi sitio web pero me topo con dos problemas:

1- Quiero reproducir la url de mis imágenes en slideshow.tpl.php. Sólo me falta incluir en content= la url de mi primera imagen cómo se muestra abajo:

Intenté con estos códigos php pero sin éxito:

print render($content['field_image']);

echo render(file_create_url($node->field_image['und'][0]['uri']));
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June release of H5P - two new content types, xAPI upgrades and more

The main focus this time has been in documentation. For developers wanting to create or modify H5P content types the documentation is way better.

But we also found the time to create a new question type, a documentation tool, improve xAPI support and more.

Click the image below to read about the new stuff:
June release note

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Digital Content Manager | Action Aid

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

An experienced Digital Content Manager you are now looking for a career enhancing experience that will make the most of your talents and develop your skills.

At ActionAid we’re embarking on a digital transformation. We’re making digital channels the focus of workstreams across our organisation, and have adopted an agency model to bring this about.

Organised as a hub with spokes, the hub team are responsible for platforms, infrastructure, development, design and user experience; the spoke teams for content and marketing.

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Virtual Field Collection

A brief summary of the idea:

Data within entities that do not need to be processed individually within a view (or better: are not required to be addressed individually in any case) should be stored in a single database table, rather than being spread over N tables like they would if stored by the Field API "the usual way", in order to reduce the number of (sub)queries or subsequent queries and hereby reduce the load on the site's database.

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How to arrange content nodes using content type articles

Is there a way to arrange the order of articles that are "posted to front"? Or in a view? I have a view called Fall Happenings on the left side of this page and it would be nice to arrange the order of these. Am I missing something? TIA! The Fall Happenings is a block but also a view - all of my articles post there as well as in the middle (if I click Post to Front on the article). I have rearranged blocks no problem. I want to rearrange articles in a view or just ones Posted to Front. Has anyone tried Nodeorder Design? That looks like what I'd like to do.

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Drupal Site Builder / Themer. 3-6 month contract | SBS (Special Broadcasting Service)

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Looking for a 3-6 month contractor working at SBS on a green field project.

Role is Drupal development and site building, with a strong emphasis on Front End and themeing.

Duty Statement:

  1. Reporting to the Online Technical Director, developing websites, web applications, mobile sites, content management systems and other digital properties in an agile environment
  2. Drupal theming, Drupal site building,
  3. Implementation of project briefs and designs using the latest frontend technologies where appropriate (CSS3/HTML5/JQuery/Drupal/etc)
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Introduction to automation for content checking

This message has been cross posted to Improvements, Documentation Team, and Testing Infrastructure.


I want to use automation to improve d.o content quality. I do not have access to do this and I have been unable to get someone with access interested enough to get this project moving.

The long version

My vision for improving the Drupal Documentation and can be broken into three equally important ideas:

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Content organization in Drupal

Our university is moving our site to Drupal and I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for organizing content.

Currently, the problem I'm having is that we have nodes of information that will be in different parts of the site and have the same title, but different information.

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Agenda suggestions for meetings

Personally I feel a need to meet Drupal colleagues to share information, discuss problems and listen to solutions for all aspects of Drupal.

It could also be quite a learning moment to invite speakers who have extensive Drupal experience, e.g. someone like Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski, who leads the WFP Web Team.

Anyone with any other suggestions? Please let us know so we can make some kind of planning, invite speakers and prepare the first meeting.


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Content Sorting Module - User Views based

Drupal is all about viewing contents and ways to mange to , but users are also an integral part . So the main idea is to store no of times each user has been to a page (or node) and make content that is viewed more often by user promoted to the higher weights in the website. this would help article (or posts ) with greater interest among the people to appear more significantly in the web site. it will store various variables which will help to sort contents in block regions based on various aspects such most recent , most visited etc .

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