Minnesota Search Sprint

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2008-05-09 09:00 - 2008-05-11 20:00 America/Chicago
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Continuing the great and growing tradition of bringing people together in small groups to attack focused problems, a search related code sprint will take place from May 9-11 on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Goals of the sprint will be to enhance the search framework, identify improvements to the core search implementations, and consolidate efforts towards making Drupal 7 a fantastic release for search. Sponsors for the search sprint include University of Minnesota Libraries, Acquia, McDean, Inc. / OpenBand, Workhabit, CivicActions, The University of Michigan, Laboratoire NT2, and BoldSource. Attendees include Earnest Berry, Robert Douglass, Chad Fennell, Doug Green, Michael Hess, Djun Kim, David Lesieur, and Blake Luchessi.
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