ULT and LeagueSite - Feature comparison

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I'm interested in starting a discussion regarding the ULT and LeagueSite module feature lists and roadmaps. I've provided a copy of my ULT module feature list on a page within this group ... over the next few weeks, I'd like to also get a sense of how large the overlaps are between this list and the existing LeagueSite module.

Eventually, this may develop into a discussion on whether there might be an opportunity to merge the two feature sets, but I don't want to get too presumptuous regarding Alun's intentions - so let's start with the discussion on what the two modules can do, and how they go about doing it.

Given that ULT is not up on D.O. yet (I'm hoping to complete the rewrite and post by February), I realize that it's difficult to compare/contrast it with the LeagueSite functionality ... but once I get closer to my final product (depending on the level of interest in this group), I hope to provide an early dev versions for folks to play around with; probably via this group site.


Feature suggestions not on either site

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I have a few suggestions for features that don't currently exist on LeagueSite or ULT. Would you like me to add a new section at the end of the ULT feature list or make inline edits in the Feature List wiki page?

I've created a new discussion thread

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jicarola: I've created a new discussion thread to host generic feature suggestions ... I think tracking these seperately will help avoid creating confusion regarding what is currently planned within the ULT feature list, and what is being suggested by others.

That said, I'm certainly open to suggestions!