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We just launched a Drupal based sports/fitness Web site/directory, My Gym and Trainer. In the future, we are hoping to add scheduling capabilities for the various gym and trainers that maintain listings on the site. Does anyone know a good solution to implement this? I looked at scheduling modules for Drupal but didn't find much. <a href="" title="Drupal MERCI scheduling module>MERCI seems to be promising but it's more focused on inventory management than class scheduling.


My Gym and Trainer


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Hey I visited your site and it looks great and is really easy to navigate around. Can you tell me how you did it? What extension did you use and what are your thoughts on it now? My next question is- how can you integrate a way for people to pay for listing on your site (my specific interest for my own directory).

Look forward to the answers :D

maybe this might help

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It may not be exactly what you need, but it seems to be pretty well supported and perhaps a good place to start.

Maybe a current gap ...

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My next planned project (once I get ULT posted on is to re-write my scheduling component. I agree that the existing scheduling modules for Drupal, while good for their specific applications, do not quite fit my needs for the scheduling of games/fields/teams/etc.

I think what is needed is a Scheduling/Timeslot module which generically allows you to create timeslots, associate those timeslots with one or more content types, and then select a specific node for each content type to assign to a given timeslot. If done generically enough, this would allow one to associate both a 'playing field' and a 'game ID' (or alternatively, two 'team' nodes) to a given timeslot for the league management use case; or alternatively associate a 'user' and a certain piece of 'equipment' to a given timeslot in your gym trainer scenario.

I think a flexible 'timeslot scheduling' api of sorts is the way to go, but haven't had the time to sit down and start developing such a module myself yet ... might be my 'Spring' project if nothing else surfaces in the next few weeks.

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