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richienabuk's picture redesigned and migrated to Drupal 8

At KodeHauz, we've completed the redesign and migration of our website to drupal 8.

See our New Drupal 8 website at

We'll be glad to work with you on your projects. Kindly leave on a message at


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DrupalCamp London 2017 is coming! 3-5 Mar 2017 @ City University of London

DrupalCamp London is five years old in 2017! Be part of one of the largest DrupalCamps in the world!

DrupalCamp London is celebrating its 5th anniversary with what is scheduled to be the best Camp ever! Already the largest DrupalCamp in Europe, and one of the largest in the world, we are lining up the most informative CxO day event, keynote speakers, sessions, training, sprints and social events. Come and be part of the anniversary event and sign up today! (Early bird pricing ends Jan 2017). And if you’re considering it - go ahead and submit a session, volunteer for a sprint, or sponsor the Camp now!

DrupalCamp London is an international technology event bringing together people who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform and those thinking about joining the Drupal community.

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my business directory website

I build business directory based on Drupal 7
You can visit directory at:


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User-friendly Pay-to-Publish solutions

I'm building a directory/classifieds for local small-town businesses, shops, traders etc with D7. The setup is by using Profile2 module, so that businesses can register for "Bisiness profile" ("Basic profiles" for ordinary users is free).

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Law Business Directory

I build law oriented business directory based on Drupal 7
You can visit directory at:

the purpose and goals of directory are to help people easily find and locate lawyers by Practice Areas and Location.
From other side directory is free, so every Law Firm, Lawyer or Attorney can submit his business profile.

For Categories i use taxonomy vocabulary Practice Areas, set with 2 levels taxonomy terms, in submission users can choose several terms, and i use module MultiSelect

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Against the idea of a business directory module

We built a business directory using Drupal 6 with Solr 3.4 integration. See

I personally am against building a "business directory" module as I see it would be limiting. Business directory websites can vary so greatly in features so it would be much better to use configurations of different Drupal modules to create a specific set of features rather than a business directory module per se.

In our directory, some of the core modules we used:

Apache Solr
Solr Location
content profile integration extending user profiles
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New Drupal 7 Business Directory helps people connect with the products and services they need.

New Drupal 7 Business Directory
This is your guide to professional business services online business directory portal with the most up to date business listings nationwide and worldwide.

Customers and vendors

helping customers and vendors to find what they want in the area Search by City, State and Zip code.

For Business

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Social Media in Directory

Hi all. I'm curious to know if all of you have social media icons/links connected to your directory. If so, which modules are you using to display those fields. I would like for an article to have a field for social media so that it generates an icon with the link. Would it be sufficient to post just the icons or do you find that pulling a business' latest status be more helpful?

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I'm showcasing my simple local directory for boat cruising people called The Windward Guide.

I've created the Windward Guide for sailing and yacht cruising.

I've been interested in doing something like is for a while and have tried to revive this group a while back. I know that Michelle was interested in building a directory. @Michelle I would share my code for the map but it's quite hackish and there has been some productive development of the OpenLayers Proximity filter which would serve you much better. Mine is all the different parts of different modules put together in a geolocation / proximity / addressfield fraken-module.

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An Example

The theme developer that I use has posted a new Drupal theme that is set up to display a directory structure. You can see it here:

It is pretty sparsely populated, but for example you can search in "Cars >> Cars and Trucks" or "Buy and Sell >> Electronics". It apparently just uses standard modules (e.g., Views, Taxonomy). I downloaded it (as a customer), but have not looked into the details yet. At least it shows some things that can be done, however.

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