Business Specification

Specification or Requirement associated with the the way Business the Directory will be used by the "end user" or "subscriber"
richienabuk's picture redesigned and migrated to Drupal 8

At KodeHauz, we've completed the redesign and migration of our website to drupal 8.

See our New Drupal 8 website at

We'll be glad to work with you on your projects. Kindly leave on a message at


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Business Directory Search


I need to create a search like this as shown in the screenshot ( I can create a block of terms with content count but I don't know how to filter by country, country is my content field through country module. please help me.


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User-friendly Pay-to-Publish solutions

I'm building a directory/classifieds for local small-town businesses, shops, traders etc with D7. The setup is by using Profile2 module, so that businesses can register for "Bisiness profile" ("Basic profiles" for ordinary users is free).

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New Drupal 7 Business Directory helps people connect with the products and services they need.

New Drupal 7 Business Directory
This is your guide to professional business services online business directory portal with the most up to date business listings nationwide and worldwide.

Customers and vendors

helping customers and vendors to find what they want in the area Search by City, State and Zip code.

For Business

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Reviving the Business Directory Group

I've followed this group for awhile, because I have created a lot of business directories outside of Drupal, and have wondered if it could be done easier and quicker within Drupal and it's vast amount of contrib modules. Well, I think it can, now that I do 90% of website development work in Drupal.

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Help with structuring a directory

I am trying to create a system like, where users can post anything they are selling. This is what I did so far.

1) I created a content type called "marketplace listing". I used CCK to add various fields.
2) I created a container vocabulary called "Marketplace". Then I added terms (categories) in a tree like structure. For example, see below:
-For Sale

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Help Creating a Business Directory

I am new to Drupal. I have watched many tutorials on how to use Drupal, but I have no idea where to start for this project.

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Anyone experienced with Drupal based B2B trade lead directories ?

Anyone experienced with Drupal based B2B trade lead directories ?

Something like or



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Welcome, Group purpose and all that...

This group is dedicated to addressing some of the interest in a Business Directory, brought up in the following Drupal Threads:
Drupal business directory module - call to action
How to create Yellow Pages Website

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