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The subject of a Drupal App Store started making it's way around Twitter this week. There's been a lot of interesting discussion stemming from this. The passionate discussions taking place are all around an area that doesn't usually get a lot of attention, figuring out ways to make contributing to open source sustainable.

As a first post to this group, let's start a Wiki to document all of the individual blog posts that have sprung up around this topic. Please feel free to edit this document and add others. These posts and the comments within them have a lot of great conversation, and a lot of good ideas. I'd like to see us consolidate this information here on G.D.O/D.O so it can be available to others trying to solve this problem for themselves!

the DrupalAppStore that killed drupal

Earl Miles
Contributing to Open Source

Ryan Szrama
To App or Not to App?

Boris Mann
Buying ponies from a Drupal App Store

Benjamin Melançon
Funded Free Software

Drupal Kata
Modulecraft looks like a valuable project with plenty of compliment

Tim Millwood
My thoughts on the Drupal App Store

Lullabot Drupal Podcast (Earl Miles, joins Jeff Eaton, Kent Bye, Seth Brown, and Jeff Robbins)
Podcast 91: (The Concept Of) The Drupal App Store
Lullabot Drupal Voices 195: Robert Douglass on the Drupal App Store and New Revenue Streams

DrupalEasy podcast (Tom Geller joins Andrew Riley and Mike Anello)

Károly Négyesi
Drupal app store

The origin:*
Robert Douglass
London Drupalcon Session: Taking Inventory of Drupal Products and App Stores
Sell your code: Announcing the DroopyAppStore
Roberts initial Tweet

Drupal Mill (Thomas Svenson)
Project/App Store and Fundraising on drupal.org

*The origin for the Benjamin Melançon's Funded Free Software post (which predates #drupalappstore) is icanlocalize's post: is it evil to request payment? (this may have inspired Robert too?)


SOA, SaaS?

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I'd like to add few more examples of app store implementation in the web context:

First example is classic and what most peoples understand by #drupalappstore, but according experience it's not always meet expectations, second example is what I personally like and what makes more sense for quality improvements and long term support.


PrestaShop MarketPlace

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Also worth considering PrestaShop MarketPlace

Drupal App Store BoF DrupalCamp London 2013

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We just had a BoF at DrupalCamp London 2013 on the "Drupal App Store" after the subject was brought up by Robert Douglass in his keynote. See http://groups.drupal.org/node/286343

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