Changing Update Options to consolidate content types...

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[ Drupal 7 / Win 7 ]

I am making a page for a sports league that will have the manager of each team be responsible for adding their team's results each week.

  • I have created the content type "Weekly Results".
  • 16 accounts have the ability to create this content type (The Manager of each team).
  • These accounts click Add results and have to input the following fields:
    -Team Name, Runs For, Runs Against, Game #
  • When the user clicks save, this creates a Weekly Results page called Game # / Team Name (The user enters the correctly formatted title; ex: Game 1 / Warriors).
  • After each week I will have 16 pages, created but unpublished, with the appropriate input results listed in them (Team Name, Run For, Run VS).

I have gotten this far...

Is there and way to quickly consolidate these pages to one "Game 1 Results page" and have them ranked by a particular variable?

I want to be able to click the check box next to the 16 results in the Find Content section of drupal and apply an Update Option on them that will create one page with all the results on it. The next step would be adding/subtracting the following weeks' results to the old results...

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.



Use Views

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I think the Views module would be the best for your requirements ... while the Views UI can be a little intimidating at first, it can be used to display all of your 'weekly results' nodes (or a subset of them, filtered based on a range of dates, if desired), and automatically sort them by Runs For, Runs Against, etc ... and display the results on a dedicated 'page' for that view.