ULT Project Page & Demonstration Site Posted!

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I've received a number of emails over the last few weeks, and you'll be happy to hear that my ULT Sandbox page is now posted at http://drupal.org/sandbox/jthorson/1073590. I expect to have Initial module code posted by the end of this week.

In the meantime, I've set up a a demonstration site at http://ultdemo.thorsonsolutions.com ... feel free to play around and see what you can break. (The site will reset itself every 2 hours, so feel free to experiment!)

There is a small number of known bugs posted in the Issue Queue on the sandbox site, even though the counter reads "0 open, 0 total" ... there seems to be a site-wide 'issue counter' bug on Drupal.org right now. In the meantime, clicking on the '0 open' or '0 total' links will take you to the issue queue, where the current known items (and 'Add New Issue' links!) can be found.

Looking forward to your feedback & opinions!

Thanks in advance,

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I just found this league management group today and I just took a quick look at your ULT project. Looking great. I've always kicked around the idea to create something like this in Drupal but never got around. I built our league site tssl.ca and even though I've built a custom back end for our league admin to add games, calculate standing etc, I've always wanted to take out the administrative side of things and let our site take care of that.

Anyway looking great.


Thanks for the support!

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Thanks for the words of encouragement ... much appreciated!

... and after poking around on your site, I echo them right back at you ... very slick and professional looking. Mind if I steal a few of your UI concepts for the next iteration of ULT? :D

Thanks. Sure go right

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Thanks. Sure go right ahead.



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Hi Jeremy

We're looking around for a drupal based league management system to replace our existing site which was done in ASP. Our site is topcorner.co.uk. I'm not a developer myself so sorry if my questions are a bit basic.

I see you've got yours and running for ultimate frisbee, but I couldn't see any league tables / standings generated from the results. It also doesn't seem to have player records. Are these functions still to be added?




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The League/Standings tables are available, and support the added concept of 'sessions', where a league may shuffle teams around divisions (or mid-season promotion/relegation) in the middle of a season, and have individual standings tables for each session even though all games may count towards a full-season record.

It also supports player 'profile' pages, so long as the player has an account on the website. These pages use the 'content profile' module, so site builders can add player 'photos', etc to player profile pages. Unfortunately, it does not support tracking of player statistics at this time.

I noticed that your site has a large number of leagues; so I should mention that I haven't tested ULT with such a large number of active leagues ... it should be able to handle them, but one limitation for your case is that the 'administer leagues' permission is a global setting (i.e. an individual can administer all leagues, or they can administer none ... I have an outstanding feature request to add the ability to administer a subset of leagues without granting full administration permissions on all).

I think that ULT could provide a decent 'base' for the functionality of your website, but it might take a bit of development to give you a feature-to-feature equivalent for your existing site.

Everything you mentioned would be on the roadmap for the next iteration of the project, which will be built on Drupal 7 ... but I don't have a timeline for the project. I'm hoping to gather a few more league module developers and make it a community initiative to speed up the turnaround; but as an individual project, its likely quite a few months before a Drupal 7 version which would meet your requirements is available.

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Thanks Jeremy. We do need

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Thanks Jeremy.

We do need player stats as we have been collecting them for 10 years! One player has a career of nearly 700 goals.

Admin subsets would be useful for us as we have franchises running sections of the leagues, and ideally they should not be able to access each other's leagues.

It seems like ULT is a good basis, as you say, but wouldn't provide the whole solution. There doesn't seem to be anything out there that does it in Drupal as yet - I was looking at LeagueSite and also League Manager Online and neither of them seems as smooth as some that I've come across.

Does your system auto-generate fixtures for x number of teams?

The best fixture system I've seen is something called EZLeagues, part of EZFacility. They have a fantastic fixture generator that will allow you do do fixtures over multiple pitches, evenings etc and take into account team requirements such as preference for times.

Best wishes